10 Powerful Soft Skills you must acquire before looking for a job


10 Powerful Soft skills you must acquire before looking for a job

The job market is getting more competitive and dynamic every year, and academic qualifications alone are no longer enough to land you the job of your dream.

Softs skills are now as important as academic qualifications and professional achievements insofar as job hunting is involved. No matter what job you’re aiming for, soft skills help you perform that job better.

The more soft skills you possess, the better your chances of landing the job in an interview. And the higher also the likelihood of you succeeding in that new role. But first things first.

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What are soft skills?

The other term for soft skills is interpersonal skills or personality traits. Some people are born possessing soft skills, such as those who are born natural leaders.

However, in most instances, soft skills are acquired through mentorship and honed through training. It is these kinds of soft skills that we want to zero in on.

The 10 soft skills every professional needs

As you prepare to leave college and enter the job market, it’s important to ensure that your soft skills are in perfect shape. This places you in better stead during job interviews, ahead of your competition. 

The following soft skills are generally considered the most vital in today’s labor market.

1. Good communication skills

2. Problem-solving skills

3. Decision-making skills

4. Critical thinking skills

5. Good time management 

6. Organisational skills 

7. Strong work ethic

8. Teamwork 

9. Creativity

10. Leadership skills

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Good communications skills

Communication is now a subject taught in college for virtually any degree or diploma program. Good communication skills are the pillars of organizational success as they enable for the smooth flow of vital information in organizations, between organizations, and among personnel.

Problem-solving skills

In running organizations or performing your duties and roles, problems come the way. Good problem-solving skills help you make better decisions in the shortest possible time, with the minimum possible loss to the organization. 

Decision-making skills

This is related to problem-solving skills but slightly different. Managers definitely need to be able to choose the best option in a situation, and the method to handle the situation.

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills enable you to analyze a situation holistically, analyze available scenarios from different angles or viewpoints, and create effective plans to handle the situation. 

Good time management 

Companies run on deadlines, and results have to be attained in a limited amount of time. Good time management skills help you achieve targets within set timelines. 

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Organizational skills

When you’re organized both mentally and physically, your work flows smoothly. Organizational skills involve the methodological way you handle your work, and also the way you present yourself to the external world. This may include your dressing and etiquette, for example. 

Strong work ethic

A person with a strong work ethic is a reliable and takes responsibility for his or her actions and decisions. A person with a strong work ethic takes their work seriously and will not let anything compromise their commitment to duty.


No person has all the answers and skills set needed. In a department or organization, teamwork is what keeps all the different persons and skills work together to achieve organisational objectives. A great team player is more likely to be hired in an interview. 


As an employee, you face different challenges all the time. Thinking outside the box is crucial, as challenges are often dynamic.

Leadership skills

This is especially a valuable skill when you’re in a senior role in an organization, with teams or personnel working under you. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, and being able to draw the maximum output from the team, is a skill worth having in today’s work environments.

Note that while soft skills are crucial, you’ll also need to possess technical skills for you to succeed in your role.

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Technical skills include computer programming skills, driving skills, and physical fitness, among others.

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