10 Things To Remove From Your Cv In 2023

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Times have changed and even your curriculum vitae needs to move with the times. CV layouts, just like application letter layouts, have changed with the times and it is very important that your resume is up to date with today’s trends, standards, and expectations.

We present below some ten (10) key things that must NOT appear on your CV in the present day. Follow through and where appropriate, be sure to change and modernize your CV.

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Career Objective

When you start your CV off with a Career Objective, it shifts the focus away from what YOU can do / why they should hire you / what problem you can solve.

Most career objectives are generic and only provide the reader with what YOU are seeking or looking for. “Seeking a role that will enable me to utilize my skills within a growing company”.

Sound familiar? Do not make the intro about what you want, but rather what makes you the best candidate in relation to the role you’re applying for.

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Personal Information

This includes your Home Address, ID Number, number of dependents, health info, date of birth, marital status, religion, etc. What else am I missing?


Unless a huge part of you getting the job is dependent on your looks, then leave this off. Recruiters, like everyone else, have inherent biases, and you don’t want to be a position focus is drawn on your appearance, rather than your actual skills, experience

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Your life story

Your resume should not resemble a Wikipedia page, with every single thing you’ve ever done. Rather, your CV should resemble the landing page of a website.

Make sure to clearly articulate your unique value proposition. It should follow a neat, succinct readable structure.


Some words, through overuse, have now lost meaning and therefore must not be in your resume. Words such as “punctual,” “hardworking”, and “diligent” no longer mean much on a CV.

The use of such words does nothing to make your resume stand out because nearly every other job applicant has used similar words. Your goal is to find your own catchwords and phrases

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Additional documents

DO NOT combine any documents such as your certificates, or a copy of your ID to your CV. Your CV should be a file on its own. If the job application requests the docs to be sent, then attach them as separate files.


Graphics such as logos, tables, and charts must not be on a modern CV. These may be great for human eyes to look at, but not so for the robot (ATS) that scans your CV first when you apply online. Most ATS does not scan graphics.

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Unnecessary fluff

Your CV does not need unnecessary labeling such as “CV of…” or a similar title. Your CV no longer needs a cover page either.

An average recruiter spends just about 6 seconds scanning each CV before deciding whether it fits their need or not. You’ve got those 6 seconds to prove your worth. So better get to the point!

Long paragraphs

Long paragraphs make your CV cluttered and difficult to read. Your intro summary must be two to three sentences maximum.

Your responsibilities should always be in bullet form. Also, do not copy all that text from your cover letter and paste it into your CV.

The email address from your current employer

Avoid using an email address from your current employer as this gives the recruiter a hint that you are using your current employer’s resources to hunt for jobs elsewhere.

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