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Switzerland’s stunning terrain and robust economy attract a wide variety of people who desire to live, work, or study there. In this article, we listed 4 companies offering visas in Switzerland. Foreigners have traditionally been drawn to jobs in Switzerland because of the country’s high earnings and low taxes. It’s fascinating to observe that many respected firms have openings and pledge to sponsor visas for qualified international workers.

But managing the visa process can be difficult. If you are an outsider intending to work in Switzerland, you will need a work visa. Depending on your country of origin and the position you’re looking for, different keys can be required.

The Importance of Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Employment opportunities that involve sponsoring a foreign worker’s visa for entry into the country where the job is located are known as “visa sponsorship job openings.” It indicates that the business is ready to assist the employee in obtaining the required work visa or work permit to work there legitimately.

Jobs in technology, healthcare, engineering, and education, among others, are frequently accessible as visa sponsors. Since these positions frequently need specialized training or education that is not readily available in the local labor market, employers are keen to sponsor visas for qualified foreign workers. We have compiled a list of the top 10 companies that sponsor visas for foreign nationals.

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Top 4 Approved Companies Sponsoring Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Switzerland

In Switzerland, several firms provide sponsored visa employment to foreigners from all around the world. But out of which 10 companies offering visas in Switzerland are:

  • EF
  • ON

#1. EF

EF is a well-known brand that offers Jobs in Switzerland for foreigners looking to work in Switzerland. They specialize in assisting foreign professionals with the complexities of acquiring a work permit in Switzerland and have a proven track record of professionalism and knowledge. EF provides specialized work visa services. Their offerings include:

Positions at EF:

  • Technology
  • Teaching
  • Marketing
  • Finance, Legal & Business Intelligence
  • Sales
  • General Management
  • Customer Service
  • Creative
  • Operations
  • Faculty & Research
  • Early Career Opportunities
  • Internships
  • Seasonal Opportunities


  • Excellent life, disability, dental, and vision insurance, as well as medical care.
  • Professional development, such as monthly training, workshops, and motivational presentations.
  • First year, nine paid holidays and four weeks of paid vacation. 
  • 25% match from the firm for your 401(k) 
  • A yearly fitness reimbursement as well as wellness benefits 
  • Discounts offered through the EF program on travel, daycare, and more 
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for commuters, dependent care, and healthcare 

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#2. ON

In Switzerland, ON Careers is renowned for its proficiency in offering specialized work visas in Switzerland that satisfy a range of professional objectives. They are a dependable partner for achieving Swiss job aspirations due to their commitment to guiding people through the challenging visa application process.

Job Categories at ON:

  • Accessories Developer
  • Accessories Materials Specialist
  • Apparel Testing Lead
  • Technology Operations Manager
  • Data Engineer


  • To stay active
  • To explore and innovate
  • Team-oriented atmosphere
  • Personal self-care

#3. Grape

GRAPE is famous for its dedication to supporting a diverse workforce and utilizing the skills of experts worldwide. GRAPE is a sought-after workplace for local and foreign talent due to its robust infrastructure and reputation for innovation. For anyone from outside Switzerland who wants to work there, GRAPE provides a range of services, including:

Employment at GRAPE:

  • Sales Support
  • Business Development and Sales Internship
  • Claims Manager
  • Senior Underwriter


  • Remote-friendly setup, you can work from home or the office.
  • Compensation package with a competitive salary, various benefits, and stock options.
  • Regular team events and retreats.
  • Sponsorship for work visa and relocation costs.
  • 25 days of paid vacation per year.

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#4. Verity

By embracing foreign professionals, VERITY has distinguished itself as a pioneer in developing a diverse and inclusive workforce. With a focus on innovation and expansion, VERITY offers chances for international talent to contribute to Switzerland’s thriving economic environment and Jobs in Switzerland for foreigners.

Job categories at VERITY:

  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Tools Internship (6+ Months)
  • IT Systems Engineer
  • Logistics Lead


  • Flexibility of a hybrid work environment.
  • Annual team-building events, quarterly and monthly get-togethers
  • 25 days of annual leave, employee stock ownership plan (conditions apply), variety of pension plans, and relocation packages
  • Welcoming office space complete with friendly team members, free snacks (fresh fruits, coffee, and more!), and fun activities

Benefits of Professional Visa Services

Hiring professionals to help you navigate the difficulties of getting a work visa in Switzerland can have several benefits. Professional visa services provide individualized help to ensure your application complies with the most recent rules and specifications. These services’ comprehensive understanding of the application procedure increases the likelihood of approval. 

Because of their knowledge, they can foresee future problems and offer solutions, speeding up the procedure and minimizing delays. Their focus on detail aids in creating correct documentation and helps them avoid typical errors.

Conclusively, these organizations facilitate the transfer for international professionals by providing thorough work visa help and potential career opportunities. They boost Switzerland’s global competitiveness by bridging cultural divides and fostering innovation through their inclusive policies and knowledge.

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