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Asian Development Bank Institute(ADBI) Courses with Free Certificates 2021

The Asian Development bank institute is offering an exceptional opportunity of E-learning ‘ADBI Courses’. This opportunity is for every person from any nationality or educational background. Students, workers, private or public servants, anyone can avail themselves this opportunity.

The Asian Development Bank was founded with an aim to make the Asia-Pacific a developed and poverty-free region. To help people learn more about their region and overcome poverty, ADB provides financial and development courses. ADB institute was introduced to offer e-learning courses and on-field experience to diminish poverty and increase economic growth. This program will enable individuals to enhance and strengthen their skills and move towards career growth and development. The online courses will be conducted under the supervision of professional teachers and trainers. Individuals will gain experience and qualifications for Asia-Pacific development jobs.

The ADBI courses are open to all nationalities of all ages. Another positive aspect of this program is that applicants will receive free certificates. The courses allow the applicants to learn policymaking, problem-solving to diminish poverty and inequality. Awareness of gender equality will be promoted, and poverty subsiding strategies will be delivered. The development courses include climate change, sovereign risk, demographic transition, sustainable finance,  renewable energy, private financial and other sustainable growth-related courses. Further course list is elaborated below in the article.

The ADBI program is a great opportunity for talented, young, motivated students to learn new skills and make a difference in this world. Being a part of one of the leading institutes will make an individual have a prosperous future in the field of finance. The article below further comprehends information about the program.

Here are some more details about the ADBI Courses

Country: Online

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Deadline: December 31, 2021

Eligibility Criteria :

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Individuals from any nationality can apply.
  • Students, professionals, NGO workers, public/private sector servants can apply.
  • The applicant can be of any age.
  • No academic restrictions; anyone with any educational degree can apply for ADBI Courses.
  • There is no work experience required.
  • The applicant must choose their desired course from the short course list provided.

Benefits :

  • ADBI courses with free certificates are available to all, anytime.
  • The program offers tuition-free training courses.
  • The participants will get complete access to the lectures of leading experts on development-related topics.
  • A training certificate (Free Verified Certificates) by ADBI will be granted after the course completion.
  • Enhanced chances of jobs and promotion opportunities.
  • No hassle of travelling during the courses.

Other details :

ADBI Courses offered:

  • Private financing for infrastructure and sustainable growth
  • Financial Inclusion, financial literacy and financial education
  • Achieving sustainable development goals on water and sanitation
  • Financial Inclusion: contemporary challenges and evolution
  • Advancing the digital economy for sustainable growth in Asia
  • Financial globalisation, capital flows and the global financial cycle
  • Introduction to sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific
  • Leveraging services for development: prospects and policies
  • Fostering growth and Inclusion in Asia
  • Financial integration in southeast Asia
  • Energy economics, environment and policy

Application Process:

  • Follow the link provided below,
  • Click on to view courses,
  • You will get an online lecture series,
  • Select your desired ADBI courses.

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