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Apply to the EntrepreYOUership Essay Contest (Funded)

Due date: Jan.31st, 2021

Essay contest prompts:

How can we use entrepreneurship to address sustainable development goals?

Entrepreneurship can often be a way to bring about change through disrupting traditional industries. What industries should be disrupted with a new and innovative approach?

What causes or issues are important to you? Write an op-Ed piece persuading others to get involved and care.

What business eco-friendly initiatives could reduce our collective environmental impact?

What should youth know about entrepreneurship? Financial Literacy?

Apply for Microsoft Software engineering: Graduate opportunities, Start date: Summer 2022

Why is education reform important? What does an ideal education look like for you?

Or any topic related to educational disruption, change-making, entrepreneurship, Generation Z, how EntrepreYOUership’s vision aligns with your own, and financial literacy.

Apply for World Bank Scholarships Program

1st Place= $50 Gift Card
2nd Place= $25 Gift Card
3rd Place= $10 Gift Card

All Submissions:
Featured on the new EntrepreYOUership Website
Opportunities for social media features

Apply here

Apply Here

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