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To become an Au Pair in Germany you need to fulfill certain requirements. As an EU citizen, you need a valid passport or ID card. If you are a citizen from outside the EU, then this article is for you. We describe in detail what is required to start your journey of working in the home of a family in Germany.

To be an Au Pair in Germany you are expected to be healthy, not have children of your own and have experience in childcare.

This is important because you must be able to solve the problems related to daily life with the kids, set rules, and help them follow their routines. We gathered the most important requirements in the following.

If you are a Non-European Union national then you will need a visa or residence permit to be an Au Pair in Germany. The general visa requirements of Germany are:

  • Age: 18 – 26
  • Basic German knowledge (you have to present an A1 certificate) 
  • Au Pair contract
  • Health insurance is valid for the whole stay in Germany (your Host Family will pay for it, but you will need the documents for the visa application)
  • Valid passport

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  • You can cover your visa and travel expenses
  • Invitation letter (required for some nationalities)
  • Motivation letter (required for some nationalities)

Contact the German embassy in your homeland to find out the specific requirements and make an appointment online.

Some nationalities (for example US citizens) might enter Germany without a visa and apply for a German residence permit at the local foreign office.

Notice: The visa process might take between 4 to 8 weeks.

Au Pairing in Germany – step by step:

Follow these simple steps to become an Au Pair in Germany with 

1. Find a Host Family at Register and create a profile on our website. Start looking for families with the help of our search tool and check our recommendations. Be active! Send messages to your potential Host Families.

2. Passport: Make sure that your passport is valid for your whole stay in Germany. 

3. Sign the contract: Sign the Au Pair contract with your Host Family! Make sure that aspects such as working hours and pocket money are clear.

Remember you will need this document for your visa application at the German embassy. 

4. Insurance: In order to get your visa approved you will need health insurance that covers your whole stay in Germany.

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The Host Family is in charge of providing you with one before the appointment so do not forget to make the arrangements. 

5. German certificate: Make sure you get your German certificate to prove you have basic German skills (A1). 

6. Submit your visa application: Germany has an official Au Pair visa which makes everything easier. You can download the application from the German embassy website in your Home Country. 

7. Plan your trip: Start “being German” and plan your trip. Book your flight and pack your luggage for this experience.

Do not forget to take the important documents (such as a passport with visa, Au pair contract, and family contact details) in your hand luggage.

You will have to show your passport with the visa on it to the officer at passport control.

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