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Ever considered working in Pakistan? If not, you might want to. Pakistan has some of the highest-paying professional jobs in all disciplines, be it medicine, engineering, art, or design. Scan through the listings below:

Chartered Accountant

Charted accountants hold key positions in an organization`s financial affairs such as Chief Accountant, Auditor, CFO, and financial analyst. Even at entry-level, these jobs pay handsomely and even better when you gain experience in the field. The salary range is from Rs.75 000 to 450 000 monthly.

Physical Therapists

People in Pakistan have finally grasped the importance of physical therapy and there is a huge demand for physical therapists in the country`s hospitals and clinics making them one of the highest paid professionals in the country. Physical Therapists in Pakistan earn approximately Rs.40 000 which is bound to increase with experience in the field. A Doctor of Physical therapy,(DPT) degree fro a medical college is a requirement.

Information Technology Professional

This modern world we live in has everything based on information technology and it is currently a fast-rising sector in Pakistan. These are inclusive of web developers, ios developers, android developers, and software engineers. These professionals earn approximately Rs 50 000 monthly.

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Supply Chain Managers

This job is in high demand not only in Pakistan but globally. These professionals normally have an MBS degree with a major in the supply chain. The common salary is Rs70 000 which increases with experience in the field.


Cardiology and Neurology Physician

With the rampant spread of heart and brain diseases nowadays, this profession has become quite popular. The academic process of getting the qualification may be quite difficult but it definitely pays off. The salary ranges from Rs70 000 to 350 000 according to experience in the field.

Cyber Security Manager

It became a highly demanded feature after the government introduced the cybersecurity bill. Companies and individuals are hiring very competent professionals who earn 1lac as a starting salary which increases with experience gained over time.

Marketing Manager

As the key to the prosperity of any organization, good marketing skills help uplift the services and products of an organization. Marketing affairs are handled by the Marketing Manager who comes up with the marketing strategy and acts likewise.The salary range is from Rs30 000-200 000 monthly.

Telecom Engineer

The telecommunication sector in Pakistan is growing at quite an alarming rate, especially in the past decade hence it is bringing on billions of rupees to the country. The salary range is from Rs25 000 to 100 000 monthly.

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Creative Designer

Responsible for creating stylish logos, new fashion trends, and new design models, a creative designer has renowned expertise in fashion and graphic designing. This profession makes use of innovation because of the competition in the market. The salary package ranges from Rs15 000 to 80 000 per month.

Mechanical Engineer

It is one of the best-paying jobs in Pakistan which uses physics, engineering mathematics, and scientific principle to manufacture and design different products. The salary ranges from Rs30 000 to 225 000 per month.

After identifying your career path of choice, you can find relevant job vacancies here: GOVERNMENT JOBS

Can a foreigner get a job in Pakistan?

Your foreign employees will all need work visas to live and work in Pakistan legally. They must have a job offer and meet certain requirements to apply for the visa. All work visas are granted for one year and are valid for multiple entries into Pakistan.


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