Calling all Girls & Young Women! Mini-Grants for Girls

he AdamStart International Day of the Girl Child mini grant is now LIVE! The 20 days worldwide campaign is calling all girls and young women with a creative, innovative problem-solving idea to enter for a chance to win one of five £100 micro-grants to support your business or social impact venture. The #AdamStart International Day of Girl Child Mini Grant is an entrepreneurial initiative open to girl or young woman aged 18-25 years old of any demographic and from every corner of the Earth. The world needs your solutions!

Every year on 11 October, the International Day of the Girl, UNICEF launches an annual campaign with girls to amplify their voices and stand up for their rights. This year, under the theme, “My voice, our equal future”, AdamStart is poised to seize the opportunity to reimagine a better world inspired by young adolescent girls – energized and recognized, counted and invested in. As adolescent girls worldwide assert their power as change-makers, AdamStart’s International Day of the Girl 2020 celebration will focus on creating enabling environments where their demands to Live free from gender-based violence, harmful practices, and Learn new skills towards the futures they choose as a generation of activists accelerating social change are heard and championed. Ideas selected must sit within the platform of nine of the Beijing conference for women.

The Platform of Action nine indicators for girls:

  1. Eliminate all forms of discrimination against girls
  2. Eliminate negative cultural attitudes and practices against girls.
  3. Promote and protect the rights of girls and increase awareness of their needs and potential.
  4. Eliminate discrimination against girls in education, skills development and training.
  5. Eliminate discrimination against girls in health and nutrition.
  6. Eliminate the economic exploitation of child labour and protect young girls at work.
  7. Eradicate violence against girls.
  8. Promote girls awareness of and participation in social, economic and political life.
  9. Strengthen the role of the family in improving the status of girls

To execute this, AdamStart will be launching a £500 mini fund to support five young girls with independent, problem-solving ideas and initiatives.


  • £100 micro-grant per person
  • 6-month support and mentoring package
  • PR and marketing support package
  • Access to AdamStart Global Network


  • Applicant must be (or identify as) female
  • Idea must be new and not an already-established venture (where ‘already-established’ means beyond its first year of operation)
  • Applicant must be the founder of the idea/project or a member of the founding team
  • Candidate must be between the ages of 18 and 25 (inclusive) 
  • Idea must be innovative with a clear sustainability plan 
  • Applicant must be ambitious and highly-motivated 
  • Open to all kinds of business/venture (ideas that bring civil unrest will be rejected) 
  • Project/venture must enable, support, develop etc. young girl child(ren) in-line with UN Girl Child Day agenda

Eligible Regions: Open for all.


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