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The growing demand of glaziers in interior design, construction, glass fabrication and commercial industries in different Canadian provinces make Canadian employers hire foreign skilled workers and immigrants.

 The jobs of glaziers are also in in-demand in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list. Hence, the Canadian industries and employers search right and ideal candidates, who fulfil all eligibility criteria and can meet the needs of labour markets. In order to encourage talented and capable foreign skilled workers, trained youth, professionals and immigrants to join the Canadian industries, the federal government of Canada has designed and framed immigration laws and policies that suit most of the experienced applicants, especially those having experience of glaziers jobs.

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The glaziers jobs in Canada help applicants to earn good salary in Canadian Dollars, gain Canadian experience and secure better future for themselves and their families. The Canadian experience as a glazier helps applicants in shaping their career goals. Glaziers are required in huge numbers in Canada and applicants can later secure Permanent Residency status, if they meet all eligibility criteria.

The growing number of ageing population in Canada is another factor that make Canadian employers and industries look out for foreign skilled workers and immigrants for glazier jobs. The Canadian industries and local labour markets urgently need efficient and hard working skilled workers for glazier’s job. The glaziers work permit in Canada allows eligible applicants to work under particular Canadian employer in specific Canadian province for a time period mentioned in job offer.

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Various interior design agencies, construction sites and commercial units need people, who have skills and training of glaziers. Experts add that immigrants, trained youth, young professionals, skilled workers (having knowledge of glaziers job) from Middle East, Dubai, UAE and India can migrate to Canada if they secure glazier work permit in 2023.

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The first step of Canada work permit is finding a trusted immigration consultant like Key Global Immigration Services. It has been supporting and facilitating work permit to many applicants for over a decade for Canada migration.

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The success stories and testimonials of several applicants, who have secured work permit with the help of Key Global Immigration, showcase the consultant’s commitment towards facilitating Canada work permit to experienced foreign skilled workers, trained youth and immigrants, particularly glaziers, and support them to secure bright future and quality life.

What is Canada Work Permit?

The Canada work permit provides legal authorization to young professionals, immigrants, foreign skilled and semi-skilled workers, trained youth, experienced glaziers to work under a Canadian employer in a particular Canadian province for specified time period. The Canadian employer offers valid job offer supported by a copy of positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to applicants in order get right to work in the Canadian province. Canadian employers secure Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire fit, efficient and right candidates for the occupation of glaziers and to meet growing demands of glaziers in local labour markets, commercial sectors, interior designing and construction industries. A valid job offer along with a copy of positive LMIA helps immigrants and foreign skilled workers to secure Canada work permit in hassle free manner.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Glaziers are required in huge numbers in different Canadian provinces like Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan.

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In order to get work permit, applicants must get a copy of positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). It is issued to Canadian employers by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) in order to allow them to hire immigrants and foreign skilled workers. Through LMIA, the Canadian employers showcase that fit and right candidates among local Canadians are not available to do job of glaziers, hence they should be allowed to hire trained youth and skilled labour from other countries.

The Canadian employers receive LMIA after publicising the job vacancy of glaziers in different publications, magazines, newspapers, job portals, virtual platforms, and other sites for at least 30 days. After fulfilling terms and conditions of ESDC, the Canadian employers get a copy of LMIA highlighting name of candidate (skilled worker/glazier) as well roles and responsibilities as glazier. Hence, it is suggested that LMIA based work permit is the safest, surest and transparent pathway for Canada immigration.

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Experts also state that Canada needs young professionals, foreign skilled workers, immigrants and trained youth to run industries, construction business, glass fabrication projects and interior designing set ups efficiently in order to boost economy and fulfil demands of local labour markets. Securing work as permit glazier simply means to receive valid job offer from authentic Canadian employer, who also has a copy of positive LMIA. This helps applicants to earn good salaries in Canada and gain global experience.

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Checklist for Canada Work Permit for Glaziers

➨ Class 12 education (minimum)
➨ Minimum three years of relevant work experience as glazier
➨ A valid job or employment offer letter issued by Canadian employer, who has secured Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
➨ Proficiency in English – Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. Five bands each in IELTS modules is a must for candidate seeking work opportunity in Canada as glazier
➨ Good medical condition

➨ Security clearance certificate to be obtained by applicant from local police station
➨ Enough funds and strong financial condition
➨ Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – A certificate to showcase that candidate’s educational qualifications fulfil criteria of the Canadian academic standard. Applicants, who have studied in other countries (not in Canada) must get an ECA from agencies like World Education Services (WES), which provides complete evaluation to candidates within 20 working days.

How To Get Glazier Work Permit In Canada in 2023?

Immigration experts add that glaziers can get Canada work permit under Temporary Foreign Worker Programme. Please note that many industry experts and Canadian employers seek to hire immigrants, professionals, trained youth and foreign skilled workers, including glaziers, through this easy and secured immigration pathway. Glaziers generally work in construction industry, interior design business and fabrication units.

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The criteria for glaziers work permit in Canada include important steps such as evaluation, assessment, documentation, filing and co-ordination with authorities. It is important to note that applicants should fulfil minimum eligibility requirements before submitting visa applications. Please note that if applicants are not able to meet all eligibility requirements, then their visa applications may get rejected by immigration authorities and this will further delay Canada migration plans. Hence, glaziers from other countries are allowed to work and stay in Canada only after meeting all eligibility requirements for  work permit.

Role and Responsibilities Of Glaziers –

Experts state that ‘in demand’ classification in the NOC list for glaziers shows that different industries and Canadian employers need fit and ideal skilled workers as efficient manpower. Considering that such laborious tasks require hard work, many Canadian employers are interested to hire young trained skilled workers and professionals, who can work in Canadian industries and local labour markets as glaziers for long duration. Hence, various Canadian provinces and territories have many glazier employment opportunities for eligible candidates.

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Glaziers are supposed to perform below-mentioned duties and responsibilities –

➔ Install glass in windows, high rise buildings and various fixtures in stores, commercial buildings, homes and vehicles
➔ Measure, install and repair glass in houses, shops, commercial complexes, buildings, hotels and offices
➔ Install right kind of glass after removing old and broken panes
➔ Cut and install glass in all types of buildings
➔ Giving final touches to glass work in buildings

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