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Visa Sponsorship Cleaning Jobs in Denmark: It is easy to see why Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. Denmark is a desirable place to work due to its flat organizational structure, high salaries, and generous vacation benefits.

You will have access to outstanding public services, such as free healthcare, despite the region’s high cost of living (high taxes and living expenses). Additionally, your commute will be enjoyable, as half of Copenhagen’s residents ride bicycles to work every day.

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According to the World Happiness Report 2022, one of the reasons Denmark is the second happiest country in the world is its casual and informal working culture. HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey 2021 ranks Denmark in the top 20 for expat living. It is also the place to go if you seek hygge, the Danish concept of coziness and companionship.

Although English is frequently used in business, you should not pass up the chance to learn a second language. There are numerous Danish language classes available, and knowing the local dialect will help you make acquaintances and settle in well.

Opportunities of Visa Sponsorship Cleaning Jobs in Denmark

The services sector dominates the Danish labor market, and unemployment is low at 2.7%.

Due to its geographic location, Denmark is a significant distribution center for Europe. Among its largest exports are pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, iron and steel, culinary products, textiles and clothing, and electronics.

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The Danish labor market is notable for its ‘flexicurity,’ which allows employers to hire and fire at will in response to market demands, while employees are protected by A-kasse (unemployment insurance fund).

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The market is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and workers enjoy excellent working conditions as a result of a strong collaboration between unions, companies, and the Danish government. In the southernmost Nordic nation, your position will be respected.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Cleaning Jobs in Denmark

  • Positions Available: Various industries, including commercial, residential, healthcare, education, and hospitality, are in need of cleaners. This pervasive demand results in plentiful employment opportunities.
  • Entry-Level Possibilities: Numerous positions in the cleaning industry do not require formal education or prior experience, making them accessible to individuals who are just entering the workforce or pursuing a career change.

List of Visa Sponsorship Cleaning Jobs in Denmark

1. Glass Cleaner

Our window cleaning staff values a pleasant atmosphere, a rich culture, and employment flexibility. There are full-time benefits available. No evenings, weekends, or holidays will exist! Possibilities for advancement in a secure work environment. More than half of our time is spent outdoors, inhaling fresh air, working alone or in groups. Performance-based compensation without a maximum salary cap. Apply today to join our window cleaning team if this sounds like a position for which you are qualified.

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Additional qualifications comprise:

  • A driver’s license must be valid.
  • Provide exceptional customer service.
  • Independently motivated

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2 . Sanitation Technician

General Mills, Inc. manufactures some of the most well-known goods in the world, including Cheerios and Lucky Charms, Nature Valley granola bars, Totino’s pizza rolls, and Yoplait yogurt. General Mills acquired Blue Buffalo in 2018, so your pets also appreciate us.

We seek team members who share our passion for cleansing in order to solve problems and transform General Mills for the future. As a member of our manufacturing team, you will be responsible for supporting production packaging and processing operations, sanitation, and participation in the startup, changeover, and shutdown of operating equipment.

General Mills encourages employee development; if you want to acquire new skills, gain and demonstrate expertise quickly, and use technology in the manufacturing industry, GMI is an excellent place to begin.

Physical requirements

  • The capacity to heft 50 pounds.
  • Long periods of time are required to perform physical actions such as standing, walking, climbing, bending, pressing, dragging, and twisting across surfaces.
  • Capability to climb and/or operate at heights utilizing stairwells, ladders, personnel lifts, and platforms.
  • Willingness to work around industrial high-speed moving machinery and wear protective clothing and equipment when required, including safety shoes, face mask, safety glasses, hearing protection, a hard helmet, a hair/beard net, and gloves.
  • Environmental variations (heat, cold, moisture, chemicals)

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3. Sanitation Crew Member


  • Sanitation follows a Master Cleaning Schedule that includes the following tasks on a consistent basis:
  • By soaping, wiping, scraping, and rinsing all food-contact surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Use a power hose and an air hose for debris removal and rinsing.
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Utilizing the floor polisher apparatus
  • Utilizing scaffolds and scissors lifts for cleaning at heights.
  • Comprehensive cleansing of the windows, walls, ceilings, and fixtures
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  • Although some knowledge of industrial sanitation is advantageous, training is provided.
  • High school graduation or the equivalent is desired.
  • Understanding of cleansing chemical labels and safety instructions
  • Knowledge of industrial cleaning chemicals (training and PPE provided for safety)
  • Physical necessities. It is necessary to be able to perform manual labor at a rapid tempo, such as standing and walking for eight or more hours per day.
  • Constant bending, reaching, twisting, pulling, and pressing, in addition to repeated wrist and hand motions

  • Reaching above the cranium is common.
  • Frequent lifting and carrying of 20 pounds, with a maximum lifting capacity of 50 pounds.
  • As required, kneeling, crouching, and slithering
  • Ability to ascend stairs, step stools, and step ladders

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