List Of Colleges And Universities In The United States Where You Can Study For Free For 2023-24

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Is it possible to study at a college in the United States for no fees at all? Yes, it is absolutely possible, whether you are an American citizen or an international student. In case you are surprised (and we expect you to be), let us take you through how you can study at an American college for free. First, why is there such a huge demand for college education in the US? The question is best answered by considering that the US has the largest density of colleges per square mile than any other country.

And to top it up, the US has a quality lifestyle, amazing weather (for most parts) as well as a generally diverse and tolerant society, albeit some outlier cases. Also, the US economy allows for opportunities while you study, hence there is always a huge demand for college places in the US from both locals and internationals. But college education in the US comes at a cost, and even American  citizens have to go through a lot to afford the college fees. But there are opportunities that you can still go through college in the US without paying a dime, or after paying what we would call “peanuts”. And how is that done?

Here are colleges in the US that offer free tuition, or largely subsidized education. Please click on the link of each college to find out more details about the admission requirements, and programs on offer.

1. Alice Lloyd College (official website)

This is a top tuition-free university in the U.S. Alice Lloyd College is a four-year liberal arts university located in Kentucky, United States. Its majors are business, manufacturing, family studies, and human development. Alice Lloyd College was co-founded by journalist Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd and June Buchanan in 1923, first as Caney Junior College.

Students also get a free laptop to make use of when they are in class. Students work 10-20 hours per week to pay other personal bills. Alicia Lloyd College was named by the U.S. News and World Report as one of the best U.S. colleges for graduating with the least amount of debt compared to the U.S. national average.

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2. Webb Institute (official website)

The Webb Institute is a private undergraduate engineering school located in Glen Cove, New York, on Long Island. Each graduate of the Webb Institute obtains a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Admission or entrance candidates receive full tuition for four years. Furthermore, the Princeton Review ranks Webb Institute as one of the Best Value Colleges in the United States. The school is also recognized for providing a high-notch engineering education and full-tuition scholarships to anyone who attends.

Students live in a mansion since they attend school and are taking part in paid internships for extra money.

3. College of the Ozarks (official website)

College of the Ozarks is a Christian, zero-tuition liberal-arts college in Missouri that happily discourages student debt.The school has an affiliation with the Presbyterian Church, and is nicknamed ‘Hard Work U’ because students work 15 hours per week to be qualified for tuition-free.

In addition, the School of the Ozarks favors applicants who are considered financially in need. In terms of learning, the College of the Ozarks offers dozens of academic majors in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs.

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4. City University of New York (official website)

The City University of New York is the public university institution of the City of New York, and is by far the largest urban university facility in the United States. Founded in 1961, CUNY includes 24 campuses: eleven senior colleges, seven community colleges, an undergraduate honors college, and seven postgraduate institutions.

The City University of New York offers full-tuition scholarships to students who join their Teacher Academy. Every student who enrols is eligible. Students also are given a full-time teaching position at a New York school upon graduation.

5. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering (official website)

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering is a private undergraduate engineering college in Needham, Massachusetts.

Years ago, this top-notch university regularly offered a complete-tuition scholarship to any student it enrolled. The institution has since reduced the scholarship policy by 50%, which is still a huge lift for the overburdened students.

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6. Curtis Institute of Music (official website)

The Curtis Institute of Music is located in Philadelphia. It offers courses for a performance diploma, a bachelor’s degree in music, a master’s degree in music opera, or a certificate of professional studies in opera. The Curtis Institute of Music offers full-tuition scholarships to everyone who gains admission. As with all free colleges, the difficult is in getting admitted: the college accepts only 160 new students once a year.

However, those few who do get in can expect to receive an excellent education from one of the best music conservatories in the world.

7. Berea College (official website)

Berea College is a private liberal arts college in Kentucky. Founded in 1855, Berea College distinguishes itself from other postsecondary institutions by offering free education to students and being the first university in the Southern United States to be mixed and racial. Every student who attends Kentucky’s Berea College gets to obtain a free tuition scholarship worth more than $25,000.

Berea also supports students with other costs, for example, food, room, and board, by giving a    work-study program.
Note also that these institutions we list are only a few out of the many that offer such facility of study. However, most such facilities are accessible to US citizens only. But even international students are eligible to attend these institutions and study for free, as you will find by browsing through the universities’ profiles.

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