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Did you know that many companies in Canada are offering to sponsor visa for foreign professionals in various trades? As a new year 2023 begins, visa sponsorship is a great opportunity for you to land a job in Canada and emigrate smoothly on a visa sponsorship scheme. In this article, we point you to some Canadian companies and organisations that are sponsoring visa for professionals beginning in 2023.

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What is visa sponsorship?

In case you didn’t know, visa sponsorship is a facility whereby a company operating in Canada wants to hire foreign professionals and offers to handle all the visa requirements for that professional. Companies understand that obtaining a visa is a draining and tiresome process such that most professionals give up even if they have job offers in foreign countries. So some employers step in and offer to acquire the visa for you, so that all you do is travel to Canada and start work. Easy, isn’t it? Well, not quite. The company has to prepare your work permit as well, engage some lawyers to handle immigration procedures and often procees your travel tickets and other logistics.

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Does every company offer visa sponsorship?

Not every company can offer visa sponsorship. In Canada, for example, there is a law that governs how visa sponsorship is done, and for which jobs or professions the sponsorship is available. The reason for these restrictions is simple: Canadian citizens must get preference when it comes to job opportunities. To protect locals from being swamped out of available opportunities, visa sponsorship is reserved mainly for specialist skills. Another need for visa sponsorship arises in cases of emergencies such as wild fire outbreaks, in which local authorities have to hire foreign labour to meet the emergency.

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Visa sponsorship also arises in seasonal jobs such as harvesters in farms, fruit picking, among others. Most local Canadians may be unwilling or unavailable to take these jobs, so companies turn to visa sponsorship to hire foreign labour.

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Which companies offer visa sponsorship?

As we have highlighted above, not every company offers visa sponsorship jobs. In fact, the Canadian government regulates which companies are to offer visa sponsorship and which ones do not. Also, if company X is permitted to offer visa sponsorship, it does not mean that all its job vacancies have visa sponsorship. Most companies only offer visa sponsorship in exceptional cases as we have highlighted. So to get you a headstart, we list below a few of the companies in Canada that are permitted to offer visa sponsorship jobs.


PwC is a global chartered accountancy, tax, audit and finance advisory organisation. Some of their services include Data Analytics, Risk Assurance and Consulting. To find visa sponsorship jobs offered by PwC, visit their site and nagivage to the careers page. Search for opportunities that come with visa sponsorship. Note that because the website is global, you’ll need to select Canada as your location.

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Scotiabank is one of the largest banks in Canada and is known for offering a great workplace environment. They also offere financial services, mortgages, loans and credit options and insurance to a diverse range of clientele. Browse through the careers page on to find visa sponsorship jobs offered by the firm.



AgriFresh specialises in supply and delivery of farm fresh vegetables, fruits and other agricultural produce. They also handle shipping and logistics of produce. AgriFresh often advertise visa sponsorship opportunities on their website, so you should navigate tha careers section and find opportunities with visa sponsorship.

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Enbridge Inc.

This is a multinational company headquartered in Alberta, Canada. They run the largest pipeline in the country and employ a diverse range of skilled and unskilled personnel at their various sites. Find visa sponsorship jobs offered by Enbridge Inc on their careers page of the site and see where your skills set fit in.


KPMG is yet another tax, advisory, audit and accounting firm with a wide presence in Canada as it is a global consultancy firm. In Canada, they also run KPMG Enterprise, which counts many private firms as its clients. Visit and navigate to the careers section to search through visa sponsorship jobs offered by KPMG. Note that because the website is global, you’ll need to select Canada as your location.

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In conclusion

Canada remains a very attractive destination for foreigners with various skills and seeking rewarding career prospects. The companies we listed above are only a tiny fraction of those which have visa sponsorship facilities. You should search through our website and other online resources for more visa sponsorship opportunities in Canada.

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