Covid19 & Racial Embodiment:A Conversation w/Resmaa Menakem& Robin DiAngelo

A conversation addressing the intersection of structural racism & Covid19 w/Resmaa Menakem & Dr. Robin DiAngelo. Proceeds will be donated

About this Event

International Offering, Time Zones: (please double check your time zone as it relates to Pacific Standard Time)

Saturday, May 9th @ 11AM PST, 2PM EST, 6PM GMT, 8PM S.Africa

This event will run for up to 2 hrs as a continuation of PART 1 which occured on April 30th.

This fundraiser is sponsored by Education For Racial Equity.

All Post production proceeds will be donated to organizations offering rapid response to communities of color most impacted by Covid 19 and who have the least access to vital resources.

Event Details:

Please join us for a series of candid conversations with authors and thought leaders Resmaa Menakem, author of “My Grandmother’s Hands” and Dr. Robin DiAngelo author of “White Fragility.

While the coronavirus does not discriminate, the societies in which it spreads certainly do. Racial weathering is a term used in trauma work to describe the embodied effects of racism that lead to poorer outcomes for communities of culture. Structural racism and systemic racial weathering is compounding the devastation Covid-19 is wreaking on these communities. If we cannot distinguish the differences in the pandemic’s impact within the context of structural racism, we cannot address them. In this dialogue, Resmaa & Robin will identify how whiteness circulates in the pandemic, how racism intensifies the stress for people of culture, how that toxic stress is embodied, and what we can do individually and communally.

This will be a two part discussion: participants are welcome to join for one or both conversations. The first conversation will be focused on the current social crisis related to covid 19 in communities of color. The second conversation will be a continuation of that conversation with an opportunity for the speakers to address questions from participants.

All post production proceed from these events ( 85%) will be donated to the following organizations and causes:

National Domestic Workers Alliance

National Farm Workers Alliance

Right Relations Fund for Navajo Nation (c/o Community Learning Network)

The Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

Black Mama’s Bailout Fund

Racial Justice Network.

Northside Achievement Zone

Food For the People

For those interested in donating beyond the sliding scale ticket price, please email us at for registration details. Also, SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE : No one will be turned away for lack of funds! If you cannot afford the General admission price please email us directly.

Some Important additional Details:

1. The link for the event will be sent out 3 hours prior to the event. You should receive May 9th at 8am PST. If you have not recieved the link by 8:30 a.m. please email us at so we can send it to you again.

2. Please note these conversations are continuous and will function as a dialoge that has a Part 1 (april 30th) and a Part 2 (May 9th). YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR BOTH EVENTS SEPARATELY, in order to recieve the links and information for both.

3. Some people have mentioned they cannot make both live events– that’s ok! We will provide video access to the first talk within 48 hours of it happening, so people can watch it before May 9th. And, we will provide video access to both conversations, so all those who have registered, can have a chance to view them up until May 24th. After which point they will be available for donation through ERE’s website


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