Various Cruise Ship Job Vacancies In Canada Open To Foreign Nationals For 2023-24 Apply Now!

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Jobs in the catering industry as well as in cruise ships are opening up at an increasing rate in Canada, and this might be the best chance for foreign job seekers to submit applications and consider emigrating to Canada.

In fact, data from industry experts reveals that the next few years will see a continued increase in the number of cruise ships operating on Canadian and North Americaan shores, which will create an increase jobs available.

Cruise ships are basically floating 5 star hotels, and in every Department, they require thousands of dedicated, hard-working, qualified staff. Even unskilled labourers can apply for some roles on a cruise ship in Canada.

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In this article, we explore the various jobs open on cruise ships in Canada that both Canadians and foreign job seekers can apply for as of February 2023 going onwards. Before that, here are the pros and cons of working on cruise ships.

Pros and cons of working on cruise ships

Cruise jobs are always subject to contract, so it is important to consider all the pros and cons before accepting a position on board. This applies even when you might be desperate for the job.

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Cruise ship employees are all usually on shifts, often on duty for long hours. This job is definitely not a vacation, and workers have no access to the leisure/dining facilities etc which will be available to the paying passengers.

It is hard work being on board a cruise ship as a worker. This should help demystify the belief by some that cruise ship jobs are a piece of cake in paradise.

However there are perks to the jobs, and these are often handsome. Very few people get to travel the world for free, whilst earning a salary in Canada.

Free medical care, accommodation and meals will also be provided for the duration of your contract.

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Types of cruise ship jobs and General requirements

There are many different categories of workers on a typical cruise ship. We can broadly classify them as shown below:

Personal Care Jobs: These include Waiters and Waitresses, Bartenders, Chefs, Bakers, Butchers, Beauticians, Cosmetologists, Massage Therapists, Doctors, Nurses, Fitness Instructors.

Service and Entertainment Jobs: These include Cruise Directors, Hosts, Hostesses, Disc Jockeys, Musicians, Singers, Gift Shop Assistants, Pursers, Purser Assistants, Shop Managers, Photographers, Florists.

Accommodation and Office Jobs: These include Bedroom Stewards, Hotel Managers, Cleaners, Receptionist, Cabin Stewards, Administration, Data Input, Marketing, Desk Top Publishing, HR Managers.

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Deck and Engine Jobs: Examples of these are Ship Captains, Chief Officers, Deckhands, Maintenance Workers, Engineers.

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According to data from most hiring cruise lines, the qualifications/experience required for job candidates can differ greatly.

Generally though, for management positions, ships photographers, entertainers, receptionists, retail staff and chefs, entertainers, retail staff, photographers, receptionists etc. the preferred candidates in Canada must be fluent English speakers, including those from Canada.

Where to apply for cruise ship jobs in 2023

The starting point in job hunting is to use legitimate recruitment agencies so that the job hunting is professional and cost-effective.

The following are some recruitment agencies available at your service.

CAST-A-WAY Cruise Hiring Agency: CAST-A-WAY Cruise & Resort Hiring Agency have been recruiting for the industry since 1998. Their client list includes major cruise lines and concessionaires.

Just Cruis’n Recruitment LLC: Official Authorized Referral Source for Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Starboard Cruise Services.

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Page Marine Crews: Placement of deck officers, engineers, retail sales staff, pursers, cruise staff photographers, casino dealers, youth and teen counsellors, etc. onboard passenger vessels.

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Proship Entertainment: ProShip is North America’s leading agency linking musicians, entertainers and technical personnel with luxury cruise ships.

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