Enhance your CV with free certified online courses today!

Just one scroll through Linkedin can get you thinking twice about your curriculum vitae. Profiles are filled to the brim with so many qualifications ranging from simple course certificates to multiple undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Talk about stiff competition! Well, here is how you too can come up with a contending curriculum vitae that might just land you your next desired job.

Not only will these courses enhance your profile and better your chances of getting the job you want, but they are also absolutely free of charge. Yes, you read that right. All you need is internet access and you are good to go.

Top 6 Universities offering free certified online courses

  1. University of Pennsylvania

Offering a free course in English for career development. 40 hours to complete. Offered in the English Language.

  • Princeton University

Offering a Computer Science course: Programming with a purpose. Inclusive of computer programming, Java programming, and algorithms. 88 hours to complete. Using English Language

  • University of London

Offering a machine learning course. Includes applied machine learning and artificial neural networks. 22 hours to complete. Using English language

  • Rice University

English and Academic Preparation course. Includes communication and writing skills. 23 hours to complete. Using English Language

  • Wesleyan University

Social psychology course. Inclusive of communication and general statistics. 38 hours to complete. Using the English Language.

  • University of Michigan

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills. Includes communication, marketing, negotiation, and sales. 17 hours to complete. Using the English Language.

Free certified online courses Offered by Various Organisations

  1. Canva Design Digital Course Collateral- by Coursera

Includes use of features in Canva, use of design tools to create digital courses collateral, creating a fillable PDF, and showcasing skills in an interview. Only 2 hours to complete.

  • Digital Marketing by Cousera

Includes skills in creating a website, managing blogs, and designing content. Extremely beginner-friendly. 2 hours to complete.

  • IBM Skills Network

Includes skills in data analysis, Python Programming, Microsoft Excel, and Data Visualisation. 11 months to complete. Offered in the English Language.


  • Organic Marketing

Skills in creating a client profile, developing an attractive Facebook account, and constructing an action plan. 2 hours to complete. Offered in the English Language.

  • Alison Free Online Courses

Alison is one of the world`s largest social enterprises aimed at providing a free learning platform for anyone at any academic level in any part of the world. Since its inception in 2007, Alison is quite proficient in online education, providing high-quality education. Alison is there for you, whether you want to upskill, explore your hobbies and interests, or even switch careers. An array of academic disciplines are available and these include but are not limited to health, language, business, management, personal development, sales and marketing, teaching, and IT.

Explore your academic discipline of choice here:

Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional Certificate by Google

Includes fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce, analyzing online performance, and measuring market performance. 6 months to complete. English Language.

Access to skills and education has never been easier. Make your pick and start your career advancement today!


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