Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity Programs 2020 for New Startups

Facebook and MassChallenge are launching Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity for startups that improve internet connectivity through technologies, solutions, and new models that address the availability and affordability of internet access across the Americas. From cloud services to radio innovation and AI/ML optimized communications, they are looking for startups that will make an impact on the speed, coverage, or costs of connectivity.

The 12-week virtual program will give up to 30 startups the opportunity to partner with Facebook Connectivity to help scale their businesses. Participants will gain industry-oriented training and workshops with access to industry experts, mentors, and potential strategic partners and investors.

The other accelerator program, called Connectivity, will feature 30 startups from the LATAM and North America (Americas) regions. These startups will be tasked with developing affordable connectivity solutions that make internet access available in more places and to at least 100,000 additional people.

Facebook Connectivity strives to bring more people online to faster internet. Together with hundreds of partners around the world, we’re exploring new ways to bring fast, reliable internet to those without it. Watch our video to learn more.

By supporting connectivity startups, Facebook drives more impact toward their own mission of building communities and bringing the world closer together, deepening their understanding of the local challenges startups are working tirelessly to solve and grow their network of future partners. Apply now for Facebook Accelerator!


 United Kingdom


  • Mentorship: Their pool of employees acts as specialized mentors. They include product managers, data scientists, marketers, recruitment specialists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts.
  • Training & Workshops: They will run 3 boot camps in London, which include practical workshops in product, engineering, growth, and impact. Startups working to improve digital connectivity will receive travel sponsorship.
  • Office Space: Free office space at LDN_LAB, based in the heart of the Facebook office.
  • Facebook Products and Technologies: Facebook has a family of products and technologies geared to help your business grow, and they have deep expertise in connectivity technology.
  • Community and Connections: Become a part of a vibrant startup and developer community. Access their rich network of global operators, industry and government partners.
  • Partners: They’ve partnered with world-class organizations to bring you the best network and advice. This includes Facebook Connectivity, their division for improving internet connectivity, and Founders Intelligence, a global network of leading tech entrepreneurs and investors.


  • Headquartered in the Americas or service businesses in any country of the region
  • Focused on connectivity solutions that improve the availability and/or affordability of internet access
  • Proven traction with a product already in the market and relevant metrics to their core business
  • Startups with Seed to Series B maturity, and an in-house technical team
  • Focused leadership team committed to active program participation
  • Seek to partner with Facebook Connectivity or integrate Facebook products to scale their business

Eligible Regions: Open to all startups that are headquartered in the Americas or serve businesses in any country of the region


Apply online through the given link.

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Application Deadline: September 12, 2020 (2 Days Remaining)APPLY NOWOFFICIAL LINK

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