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Facts About Stress

Facts About Stress

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A system which is in disharmony leads to body imbalance, which then leads to illness, diseases, collapse or even death.

By Audrey Tsungai Tadu

In many parts of the world medical practitioners give reports of patients who may appear sick but with no visible symptoms. However  after diagnosis and background check most patients will be having no clinical diseases but suffering from psychological stress.

Stress has been the leading cause of death in many parts of the world in the past three to four decades. It has also been reported to affect people across all ages and due to the increasing life challenges, a lot of people are subjected to psychological stress which affects their homeostasis.

It’s better to prevent some of these conditions by ensuring a healthy life style, diet and stress management. It’s so unfortunate and so pathetic that the harsh living conditions that people are susceptible to right now are the main causes of stress.

Bad economy, poor diet, poor sanitation and social issues (abusive marriages) among other life challenges.

After conducting a case study of patients who present with back pain and having done a medical background check we came to the conclusion that their pain was due to stress.

Stress and anxiety are known to cause muscle tension and this may cause a great deal of pain. Back muscles are bigger and longer than most muscles of the body, thus the pain can be more intense either on the lower and upper back. It’s important to visit the nearest doctor as this may lead to leg problems due to sciatic nerve compression.

Stress does not only lead to high blood pressure  and terrible headaches ,but to some conditions and diseases which may be life threatening. High blood pressure may cause damage to your blood filtering units which are the kidneys and this may result in kidney diseases.

The damaged kidneys may lead to kidney stones and other conditions which can be life threatening like acute kidney failure and death.

A damaged kidney leads to excessive release of a substance called renin which leads to increased high blood pressure and thus can lead to heart attack and death. Most scientists also say gastric ulcers are due to increased acidity in the stomach which can be due to stress.

A human body has coordinated systems which are interconnected. One system in disharmony leads to a problem in another system and that is very dangerous. Many people have asked questions whether STRESS can cause cancer? The honest response is that scientifically it hasn’t been proven, but the behaviors associated with stress such as smoking, drug abuse, drinking excessive alcohol and overeating (which can lead to obesity) may increase the risks of cancer.

Insomnia (lack of sleep) is also one of the worst conditions caused by stress or anxiety, however unless if inherited (fatal familial insomnia) ,insomnia doesn’t lead to death. Lack of sleep can be a result of stress because you will not allow your body and mind to relax.

Lack of sleep involuntarily has never been comfortable and that also leads to increase in the risk of dieases such as high blood pressure,obesity (due to excessive eating and irregular late night snacks),stroke,heart diseases  and back pain due to prolonged sitting.

In any case if you see the signs and symptoms of this condition quickly seek clinical assistance before the condition gets worse.

There are a lot more diseases and conditions that may arise due to stress but just to mention a few. There is no best medicine to cure stress as most anti depressants may also have unfavourible side effects , however the best way is to deal with the root cause of the stress.

It’s important that people may become aware of the dangers associated with stress and be able to deal with what they will be facing inorder to avoid the risk of acquiring all stress related diseases, and besides it so pricey.

Its also important that governments in different countries across the globe may find ways to help people whom may be going through stressful situations.

Improving the economy is the best way to decrease the risk of having stress especially in developing countries where there is a high unemployment rate and poverty.

In these countries the middle age people are the main victims and most of them lose their lives before they even get assistance which is a loss to the nation.

The ministry of health should also provide with free counseling sessions to all patients who are suspected to be under stress,as this may help to alleviate the stress and pain.

In many work places there must be a psychologist to take workers through counseling sessions, this might seem expensive but it saves the workers from exorbitant hospital bills.


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