How To Find OPT Jobs In The USA For F1 Students 2022-23

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OPT jobs in the USA are easy to find and very important to find for F1 OPT students.OPT or optional practical training is work authorization for F1 Student holders. Many students are still unclear about what is OPT and what jobs one can do in it.


There are ways in which one can find for their time being in the OPT.

Let us see what are the ways to find OPT jobs in the USA for F1 OPT students:

  • Know the field

OPT jobs for F1 OPT students can only be found in their field of study. A student in the science field cannot work in the architect field. So, a student must know their field and then look for job opportunities in them. Knowing the field also includes knowing the job opportunities that are available for OPT students. 

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Knowing the field also works as the base of job hunting in the USA. When a student knows the companies that hire OPT students, then they can shorten their job-hunting list.

There are types of jobs that are allowed in the OPT, a student can work as an intern in their field if it is famous and employers hire interns. One more option is also to work part-time if full-time opportunities are not available in their field of study.  A student must know about the opportunities that are available in their field of study and how they can help in their career advancement. Knowing the field of study and its scope in the USA is very important for every student looking forward to. 

There are many universities as well that are known for the specific subject and the placements are also very good. Students can apply for them and then look for jobs under optional practical training (OPT). With the help of research, a student can find their favored job without any time waste or resource investment. 

Finding OPT jobs are difficult if the student is not aware of their field and the opportunities that are available for their OPT period. The first step is therefore to know the field of study and the scope for students applying through many degrees or programs. Research is the sole of whole job hunting in the USA.

Knowing the field is also a part of a smart strategy that many students choose to find the correct job and save their time and money. A student can research by themselves.

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  • Online modes

Entry-level OPT jobs are easily found on online modes. Many online modes are very efficient in finding jobs and employers in the USA. Students with less or no networks can use social media platforms and recruitment-based portals to apply for multiple OPT jobs in the USA.

Many online modes are very reliable as many international students have found them useful. A student can make their profile for free and then search for jobs in their field of study.

Online modes can also be used to find a third-party agent or recruitment agency that can directly help in finding the employer and helping throughout the screening process. 

The whole world has been online, and so is their processing system. A student can work online and even find things online that can help them in career growth. Online modes are very useful as there are no limitations for services and communication. A student can apply for any kind of job through online modes and can even work online without any hesitation.

Online modes also include social media where the communications are endless. One did not need to create a separate profile to impress employers. A student can make their profile and impress employers with all their other curricular activities as well. He can choose the most effective job portal that helps an international student to get hired under OPT.

He/she can also look for the portals that are only specified for F1 OPT students and jobs. On such portals, a student can differ from one employer to the other and can also choose the job category under that employer that is also valid under OPT.

  • Company websites – OPT Jobs In the USA

Companies that hire OPT students are posting their job openings and their hunt for OPT students on their websites. A student can directly communicate with the companies after some research.

There are no restrictions on students applying or not applying to the companies with the help of the profiles posted on their websites. Many companies open their website for OPT students looking for jobs

Companies with the highest global workforce, do have an opening for students looking forward to interning with them and getting trained. An international student can look for such companies and then apply for any type of job that suits them.

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Many companies also hire students in their OPT or any work authorization directly or with the help of the university security department. Otherwise, a student can look at these companies’ portals that only works for hiring and screening international students. Some departments only work for the hiring and recruiting of students under OPT.

They are well aware of what is OPT and what are the rules that they must follow to train the students. A student has to communicate with the company or the recruitment department.

Communication is the most important part as many students are applying for the same job under the same field of study and with the same work authorization.

So, the selection process of the student is also somewhere dependent on the communication mode and the timing of it. It is very important to communicate with the companies that are hiring directly through their mail address or anything else.

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Many students are applying for OPT in the desire to work and gain experience in the USA. A student after getting the OPT is facing the challenges of job hunting in the USA. This article aims to solve their issue directly.

The top three points talk about the easy ways in which any international student with OPT can apply for jobs in the USA.


  • Is OPTNation good?

If a student is looking for OPT jobs, CPT jobs, interview guides and resume making , OPT Nation is the perfect destination. The website of OPT Nation has a huge database of employers based on the field of study and location. A student can find pieces of training and employment offers on OPT Nation.

  • How can I get a job on OPT?

There are many ways among with searching online & taking the help of the recruitment portal is more beneficial. A student can find jobs in their field of study under OPT & can also apply to employers directly

  • Is it hard to find a job with OPT?

It’s not very simple & neither impossible. A student has to go through many screening and interview processes to get a job in the USA with OPT.

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A student can apply through many portals and try with many employers to get the job. There is a strong power of online portals which a student can use effectively.

  • Is OPTNation legal?

Yes, OPT Nation is a verified website that assists students with OPT in looking for jobs. There is nothing illegal about OPT Nation as all the employers are verified and looking forward to hiring and training students.

The whole website is used by millions of students and employers all across the world, it is legal for sure.

  • Does OPTNation provide opt jobs in the USA?

Yes, OPT Nation provides resume-making guidance, placements, training, and ultimately opt jobs in the USA. One can find much guidance on the OPT Nation portal related to the job and guidance for the process of selection under OPT.

The jobs under OPT are provided for every student and every field of study.

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