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Job Description

  • Acquire electronic data from computer systems, mobile devices, and servers in a forensically sound manner.
  • Forensic Imaging and examining the hard drives of computers, storage devices, cell phones or any electronic device that may hold evidence that could be used in a court of law.
  • Employ forensic tools and techniques to support the investigation of computer fraud, cyber-crime or other electronic crimes, crack files and system passwords, detect steganography and recover deleted, fragmented and corrupted data from digital media of all types.
  • Analyze and interpret digital evidence such as e-mail, accounting data, various database extracts, and other information stored on electronic devices to develop information necessary to meet the objectives of the investigation.
  • Observe proper evidence custody and control procedures, document procedures and findings in a manner suitable for disciplinary hearing or courtroom presentation and prepare comprehensive written notes and reports.
  • Maintain accurate and complete information of forensic work on the electronic case/project management systems and ensure the archiving of evidence for long term storage.
  • Participate in the execution of strategy recommendations for intelligence, detection, data analytics and data-driven financial crime investigations.
  • Perform computer hardware, software, network, and Internet-related research to troubleshoot and maintain computer forensics laboratory equipment and network.
  • Uses forensically sound procedures to identify network computer intrusion evidence and identify perpetrators of cybercrime.
  • Create and deliver presentations internally and to outside groups related to digital forensics, cyber-crime and other technical topics.
  • Actively participate in the Group Cyber Security Incident Response Team.
  • As necessary, assists law enforcement officers to solve cybercrimes or find electronic evidence of other kinds of crime reported by Business.
  • Performs any related duties as assigned.
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Skills and Experience


Bachelor of Forensic Science (BFS): Forensic Science (Required)—Digital—Cyber_JR-436-1/apply

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