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If you are a non-EU citizen who want to work in Poland, you must first obtain a work permit. The work permit you receive is only good for one job, and you can only use it to complete the duties listed on your application form

It can be challenging to obtain permits for foreign employees to live and work in Poland, as the priority goes to Polish citizens. However, understanding the process and requirements for obtaining visas and work permits can help.

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Why do you need a Poland work permit?

Poland work permit is legal ground to have possibility to get D type visa and residence in Poland. Work permit and visa is not the same. Work permit is not   guarantee to get visa. Work permit can be issued only by autorized government body of Poland. This authorized state body is called Voivodeship. The Voivodeship issues a work permit based on an application submitted by a company that needs this specialist (employee).

A work permit in Poland for foreigners can be obtained by persons who have:

  • Visas, with the exception of tourist visas, when they are issued for the purpose of obtaining asylum (when the case is in the process or initiated), the so-called temporary protection, visiting the country for humanitarian reasons, fulfilling obligations under interstate agreements or in the interests of the Polish state.
  • Schengen issued by another country in the zone.
  • Possessing a residence permit (with the exception of cases described in the following section).
  • The right of visa-free entry, implying the possibility of employment in accordance with an interstate agreement.
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Poland work permit

Information about Poland work permit

A work permit is a document that authorizes a foreigner to work legally in Poland. The permit indicates the company that entrusts the execution of work to the foreigner and the position or the type of work which the foreigner is to perform. The work is therefore regarded as legal only if the foreigner performs the work identified in the permit. This means that if the foreigner wants to change jobs (i.e. change employer and / or position and / or industry) in which he is employed, he has to obtain a new permit.  Each work permit must contain the name of the authority that issued this document. Also, the work permit has a unique number, which easily allows you to certify the legality of the issued document. A work permit is the basis for obtaining a National visa (long-stay type) for 1 year. You can apply for a residence permit only after obtaining a visa and arriving in the country. You cannot obtain a residence permit in absentia or remotely.

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Poland work permit package

  • Providing information on the legal grounds for work mmigration
  • Formation of a complete package of necessary documents for the applicant in accordance with the requirements of the Embassy.
  • Checking the legality of issued documents
  • Instruction, verification and formation of the full package of documents
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Required documents from applicants

  1. Scan copy of valid Passport (ALL PAGES – Ministry of Labor needed)
  2. Scan copy of High School diploma ( if any )
  3. Complete Bio-data or CV with Living Address
  4. Father, Mother Name: or Birth Certificate.

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What delivery methods we use?

We use different delivery methods, depending on the shipping destination of your package and urgency.

Aramex is our preferred carrier, but you may also choose Federal Express (FedEx), DHL Express (DHL) or United Parcel Service (UPS). Expedited shipping options are also available for rush deliveries.

Before shipping we will send you scanned copies of all documents by email. Tracking code will be provided.

What payment methods do we accept?

Currently, you can pay using Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and point-to-point cash transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

Warning of Immigration Fraud!

In the interests of providing fair and reasonable services to our clients, we wish to warn that many people often become victims of immigration fraud.

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When applying for a visa applicants should be aware of the following points:

  • Believe only the information you read on official website Embassy or authorized state bodies.
  • Visas for are issued ONLY by Embassy
  • ALL visa appointments are handled ONLY by the EMBASSY or VFS and at NO COST! No local agents or student counselors have the authority or are in a position to influence or schedule visa interviews/ appointments.
  • All documentation provided with your application has to be genuine and valid.
  • You are strongly advised not to listen to people who tell you that they can ‘arrange’ a visa for a sum of money.
  • If you are looking for employment, please ensure that you are dealing with legitimate contacts. There are cases when applicants interested in employment opportunities abroad receive fake job offers from alleged employers or agents.
  • Refrain from giving out personal details such as passport number, date of birth, etc. to any third party.
  • Be cautious and stay alert.
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Process time

2 months

This term is indicative and is discussed individually depending on the legal situation.

For more information, please call +48 511 546 194 (WhatsApp) or mail to

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