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Like most countries in Europe, Belgium is increasingly becoming an attractive career destination for international students and young professionals seeking a better life.

Located in central Europe, Belgium has some of the cheapest universities in Europe as well as a manageable cost of living. Added to that, the Belgian economy has been steady for decades and job opportunities have been opening up.

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In this article, we consider how you can easily obtain a Belgian visa so that you can legally emigrate to, live and work in Belgium.

you are looking to get a Belgium work visa, the first step is to find a job. Since your work visa is linked to your residence status, it is favorable to be employed before you can apply for either a residence or work permit.

Does one need a visa to work in Belgium?

Like virtually any European Union member state, Belgium has a visa regime that requires that if you wish to work as a foreign worker under an employment contract, you must have a work permit.

This rule applies to citizens outside the EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

As a non-EU or EEA national, you must apply for a work permit to live and work in Belgium. So first, you need to apply for a long-stay visa to enter, and after you arrive, you have to apply for a residence permit with work rights.

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General requirements for a Belgium work visa

Belgium is one of the most friendly countries in Europe to apply visa for. The processes ate smooth as long required documentation is available.

The required documents for a Belgim work visa to be processed include:

Passport: You need to obtain a valid passport.

Work permit: Before applying for a work visa, you should be employed in Belgium. The work permit will allow you to live and work.

Medical certificate: You need to prove that you do not have any health issues which can endanger public health.

Proof of accommodation: You need to prove that you will have a place to stay in .

Proof of financial means: You need to have proof that you are financially able to live in.

Proof that you do not hold any criminal record. You should require a statement in the police station that you are free of any criminal conviction.

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How do I qualify to work in Belgium without a visa?

Some people from certain countries can live and work in Belgium without a visa. Citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland can work in Belgium without a visa or work permit.

Note also that citizens of the following countries can get the residence and work permit after arriving in Belgium without previously applying for a visa: US, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Israel.

Working holiday visa

Another way to work in Belgium as a foreigner is visa the working holiday visa. This facility is available only to citizens of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada aged 18 to 30.

They can apply for a working holiday visa. This visa is basically a travel visa, but it also allows the visa holder to work in the country for a year without needing a work permit.

Requirements for three main Belgian visas

There are three types of work permits for foreign nationals in Belgium:

Work permit type C: If you are a temporary visitor or an asylum seeker whose right to stay in Belgium is not permanent, and you want to work in the country, you will need a type C permit. It is valid for up to one year.

Work permit type B: For this type B permit, your employer should apply on your behalf for a particular position(that cannot be filled by a Belgian or EU national). Basically, this is the visa sponsorship route to live and work in Belgium.

Work permit type A.: To be eligible for this work permit, you must have held the type B permit for four years within a ten-year stay in Belgum. Type A permits are valid for an unlimited period.

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Basic steps to applying for a Belgium work visa

Here are the basic steps you should take if you want a Belgum visa.

  • Find a job in Belgum. Search on and find paid Internships, jobs,, and other opportunities in Belgium.
  • Apply for a work permit. If your prospective employer offers visa sponsorship, they handle all paperwork for you.

Apply for a work visa: Again, jobs with visa sponsorship require less of your attention.

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