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The first and most important thing is that you need a job and a visa sponsorship. What is a visa sponsorship, you ask? We’ll get to that shortly.

In this post, we’ll go through everything you must know before you can start working in the US. I will cover important information such as a visa sponsorship, a visa sponsorship letter, and more.

Let’s get you ready for your new adventure:

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What Is A Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship is a bundle of documentation that specifies and ensures a person’s working status and job profile in the United States. For example, suppose you want to relocate to the United States. In that case, you’ll need to find a job, and the business will have to be willing to hire a non-resident employee for the position.

In other words, the US employer would know that you are not a US citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident. So, they’d have to pledge to the US Visa department that you’ll soon be a legal working resident earning a particular amount of money. This is known as Visa Sponsorship. It occurs when a corporation agrees to sponsor you and submits the necessary documentation to the US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS).

Visa sponsorship, to put it simply, can also be when a family member pushes for a person’s visa. As a visa applicant, you have an advocate who supports your entry into the United States for the visa’s specified purposes. There are many different sorts of visas and ways to obtain a sponsor. In most cases, sponsorship includes a financial component.

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Who Can Be A Visa Sponsor?

You can receive a Visa sponsorship if you have a job offer from a US company in your name. In other words, your employer would sponsor your Visa and file the necessary paperwork on your behalf. However, they can only do so in specific circumstances.

For example, the employer must post a job advertisement for the position and submit all necessary documentation to the Department of Labor. Suppose there are no skilled workers for the job in the US. In that case, the organization may decide that a non-US citizen is qualified to fill the position.

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This supports their decision to hire a foreign national and sponsor their visa. As a result, an employer can only sponsor your Visa if they comply with the immigration law. This means they have a relevant opening inside the company and can demonstrate why hiring a foreign worker is necessary for this situation.

Do I Need A Visa Sponsorship Letter?

Visa sponsorship, contrary to widespread assumption, is not the same as a letter. Instead, it refers to a bundle of documentation provided to the US government by the employer or family member sponsoring the Visa.

Visa sponsorship letters can also be used when applying for an F-1 student visa or B-2 visitor visa. In this section, I will explain the types of visas requiring a sponsorship letter. 

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Later in this post, I will explain how to get a sponsorship letter.

  • What Is The Non-Immigrant Sponsorship?
  • What Is The Work Visa Sponsorship?
  • What Is The Family Sponsorship Visa?
  • What Is The Student Visa Sponsorship?

What Is The Non-Immigrant Sponsorship?

Non-immigrant sponsorships are only used for a limited time when the individual will not be able to become a citizen of the United States. This is true for people who only visit the country for a short time. This means that non-immigrant workers are ineligible for Green Cards, implying that the visa will not qualify them for US citizenship in the future.

This is the best Visa sponsorship if your employer only requires you to travel for a short time. However, you will need an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in the United States.

Here is a list of the non-immigrant visas:

  • H-1B visa (Person in Specialty Occupation)
  • H-2A visa (Temporary Agricultural Worker)
  • H-2B visa (Temporary Non-Agricultural Worker)
  • L1 visas (Intracompany Transferee)
  • O-1A visa (People who have shown extraordinary abilities in business, education, athletics, and science)
  • O-1B visa (People who have shown extraordinary abilities in arts, television, and film industry)
  • O-2 visa (Assistants who accompany O-1A or O-1B visa holders)

What Is The Work Visa Sponsorship?

Employment Visa sponsorship is also helpful for immigrant visas or Permanent Residency. Individuals with an Immigrant Visa Sponsor are not required to get a separate Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in the US.

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You can live in the United States and become a Legal Permanent Resident with this type of Visa. In addition, with this Visa arrangement, you can enroll in school, purchase property, and even obtain a driver’s license.

These immigrant Visas are divided into several categories based on the purpose of the Visa. Among the Visas in this category are:

  • EB-1 Visa
  • EB-2 Visa
  • EB-3 Visa
  • EB-4 Visa

What Is The Family Sponsorship Visa?

At least two family members, a petitioner, and a beneficiary must all be involved in family-based immigration. To sponsor a foreign family member for a green card, you must be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. The alien family member who wishes to receive a green card is the beneficiary. The beneficiary may have a spouse and children who qualify as derived beneficiaries in some categories.

What Is The Student Visa Sponsorship?

Generally, a foreign national wishing to enter the United States must first get either a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent resident status. To study in the United States, you must hold a student visa. The type of school international students attend and the course of study you intend to pursue determine whether you require an F visa (OPT and CPT) or an M visa.

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How Do I Get A Sponsorship Letter For Employment In The US?

As mentioned, I’ll outline the steps you need to follow when applying for a US work visa; or seeking employment in the US.

Obtaining a sponsorship letter is a time-consuming and complicated process. Typically, the employer will appoint an immigration attorney to handle the procedure. In addition, the documentation and justification must be correct.

Here are the steps that you must follow when applying for an employment visa status:

  • Step 1: Get An Employment Contract
  • Step 2: Submit A Labor Certificate
  • Step 3: Submit The Documents To The USCIS
  • Step 4: Wait For Your Visa Sponsorship Application To Be Processed

Step 1: Get An Employment Contract

The employee must first obtain a full-time offer from a US business. This covers the contract that is included in the sponsorship agreements.

Step 2: Submit A Labor Certificate

A Labor Certification must be submitted to the Department of Labor for a non-immigrant visa, saying that the company could not find a qualified potential employee within the country.

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Step 3: Submit The Documents To The USCIS

The petition and supporting documentation are filed to the USCIS. Contracts, itineraries, qualifications, and other similar documents are included in this group of documentation.

Step 4: Wait For Your Visa Sponsorship Application To Be Processed

The USCIS processes the Visa sponsorship application after all required documents are submitted. This takes time, depending on the number of pending cases with the USCIS. It can take months for an application to be processed.

You and your employer will be notified if your application is approved. At this stage, you can begin the actual Visa application process with the US Embassy in your home country.

If your application is refused, both you and your employer are notified. The reason for the rejection is also included, which could be a lack of personnel qualification or insufficient documents.

How Long Is An Employment Visa Sponsorship Valid?

The validity of the Visa Sponsorship is determined by the type of visa you are working with. For example, obtaining an Immigrant Visa is a long-term answer. This implies you have a Green Card with a 10-year validity period followed by unlimited extensions. After five years in the United States, you can apply for permanent citizenship.

Non-immigrant visas, on the other hand, are valid for one year or three years, depending on the type of visa. When the Visa sponsorship expires, your employer can petition the USCIS for an extension.

Your Employment Visa Application Is Successful

After a long and tiresome visa application, you have finally reached the end. I can only imagine you are excited about your new adventure. The last thing you must do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey.

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