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IBM Z DAY: Virtual conference on technological trends 2021

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IBM is offering “IBM Z Day Conference” on Enterprise computing. It is a one-day free online conference where skilled professionals will highlight industry and innovation trends and demonstrate how IBM works in today’s world and its important role.

The event comprises a 1-day virtual conference where more than 100 industry expert speakers will address and highlights modern-day innovation and trends and 24 hours of the global student meet-up. In addition, IBM provides a learning platform for all students and professionals. The sessions include IBM keynotes, keys to crypto resiliency, classical cryptography and the impact of quantum computing, addressing cyber threats by developing multi-factor authentication at scale, mainframe survey (a sneak peek), AI and IBM Z skills, many other informative sessions for students and life-long learners. Female students are also encouraged to register for the free conference.

Attendees of the conference will also know how open source technologies are being used for IBM z/OS and Linux. Students and other learners will come together virtually from all around the world to advance their skills and learn the challenges of 2021 from experts and professionals. Do not worry; there are no registration charges; you can register for the conference for free.

Eligibility Criteria :

Here is the criteria for the IBM Z Day conference:

  • Students, youth, and young professionals of relevant backgrounds can apply.
  • There are no restrictions on age; anyone can apply for the free conference.
  • People from all countries are eligible to apply.
  • Attendees must have a good internet connection to attend the conference without any disruption.
IBM Z DAY: Virtual conference on technological trends 2021 3

Benefits :

Following are the benefits of the IBM Z day conference:

  • Free one-day open conference.
  • No registration charges.
  • Get a chance at a global student meet-up.
  • Free sessions from IBM expert speakers.
  • Free global student meet-up.
  • Opportunity to learn from the professionals of one of the top and largest multinational technology corporations.
  • Pave a path to a successful future.


September 14, 2021

Application Process:

Follow the link provided below to apply for the IBM Day Z conference. The registration process is online.

Apply Now

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