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Identify your passion to live right

This Skill Assessment Analysis will help you determine your true purpose for existing.

Most folks are going through life groping in the dark, heading to a place called old age or death without making any meaningful mark on earth.

The majority find themselves spending the 8am-5pm chasing the dollar in order to pay the bills.It is the most valuable period of our lifetime. Valuable because this is the time when the world is looking for your skills to live a better lifestyle.  Yet we rob the world of our skills and waste away ourlives in frustration and regret.

For you, that should change.Let us be frank here. As long as you are spending a day trying to survive, you are just as good as a cricket player holding a bat in a soccer field full of soccer players playing football.

Wasting precious time, skills and resources.You must know why you are here, why you are still alive when someone is heading to the grave and you are remaining.That must be clear to you,  very clear.

If it is not, thank God you are reading this. You are about to implement and ascertain the first step towards living the way you were intended.

In a nutshell, to be the person you were meant to be, you must go though these stages :

》Determine your passion.

》 Identify the skill that expresses your passion.

》Look for education or training programs  which can help you to perfect the skill or the product/service that is to be born out of the skill.

》Look out for a mentors to guide you through challenging periods.  They are sure to come. Join a club, attend workshops and seminars to test your product/service and broaden your knowledge and influence.

》Join an organisation or set up one to make use of your skills thereby living the way you were meant to be.

Soon your solutions will start making the desired impact and put food on the table.

Follow your passion
The route to living life the way you want, and the way God designed it, is universal  :

What do you have?

Every person on earth is born with a passion, talent or a skill to accomplish something  in order to live a purposeful, meaningful and satisfying life.

That God-given resource must be developed to a point where it helps many people to live higher lifestyles. If you develop your passion to such a point, it will bring you money.

What is your passion, talent or skill (PTS)?

Can you name it clearly and with confidence?

Stopping here and answering these questions is the starting point to your dream career.

Here are the⤵️ 4 simplified steps to identifying and defining your PTS :

  1. Take out a blank piece of paper and a pen.

Sit down into a comfortable place where there will be no disturbances.

Write down the following :

A.} Write this heading at the top of the paper:   God-given Money

Then write the subheading: 🔋Passions

Under this heading write down your 3-5 passions in your life.

Here are questions to help you bring them out:

What makes you get excited naturally in life?

List 2 or three things or situations here.

As for me,  1) a construction site, 2) playing soccer as a striker and 3) showing people how to do things are my passions.

What makes you cry or become angry  ?

What interests you most in life?

Write down those things. They are your money.

Are you done?

Let’s move on ⤵️

B}  Write the subheading :  🔋talents

Talents are what you can do very well naturally with your body and which can enhance people’s  lives.

What can you do with your hands, mouth, mind, legs, body?

Can you play the guitar, sing very well, easily solve maths problems, play a sport without training much to be excellent?

List all your talents here. Even those which you are not sure of. As time goes on, things will become clearer.

Done?    Things are taking shape.

C} Write the subheading :🔋Skills

Skills are not much different from talents. We have split them here to clarify that certain passions need specific training in order to express them and deliver value to people. You will make money when you do certain things in a way very few people can.

For example, an engineer, a medical doctor, a banker, an agronomist, a lawyer or pilot does certain things in a unique way to deliver best results.

These people were not born as mentioned. They were born with passions in these fields. As they grew, they realized they had to acquire skills which express their passions in order to deliver a service which people could pay for.

So they went to school, colleges, universities, joined  relevant organizations and/or submitted themselves under mentors to acquire  and develop the skills.

You should do the same to live life on your terms.

D}1.  Therefore, to complete this journey, relist your passions here again on the LEFT side of the paper.

2} On the right side, for each passion, write the possible job names which you think expresses your passion.

D }3. Now that you know your passions and talents, the next step is to pick and arrange them in your preferred order starting with the most liked passion or talent or skill.

Number them like this  :

  1. ………………………….
  2. ………………………….
  3. ……………………………

D} 4.  We recommend that you must take time to think through the first 3 on the list. That is where your most powerful dream , your career and mega monies are.Thinking through this list will greatly help you to correctly and acutely determine your number 1, 2 and 3 passions that will lead you to live your most purposeful, meaningful and rewarding career.

You know what? You have just discovered your money!  As stated earlier, they next step is to develop your number one passion into a skill.THIS is a long term process starting with studying possible Career Routes.And to reach the dream career stage, your planning looks like this :

  1. Research.
  2. Discover your Passion, Skill or Talent .
  3. Define career field.
  4. Choose correct education.
  5. Enroll at work/ Skills Center
  6. Engage a mentor

Want our tailor-made soft copy of the Skills Assessment Form? WhatsApp 0771 516 927 for sending details.

Until then Stay Sharp.

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