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International Labour Organization (ILO) Is Hiring An Administrative Assistant APPLY NOW


The International Labour Organization is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social and economic justice by setting international labour standards. Founded in October 1919 under the League of Nations, it is one of the first and oldest specialised agencies of the UN.

About ILO

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) that focuses on promoting social justice and decent work worldwide. It was established in 1919 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The ILO sets international labor standards, develops policies and programs, and promotes decent work for all. Its mandate is based on the belief that social justice is essential to lasting peace and that economic growth must be inclusive and benefit all members of society.

The ILO operates through a tripartite structure, bringing together governments, employers’ organizations, and workers’ organizations. This unique structure allows for dialogue and collaboration among these key stakeholders to shape labor standards, policies, and programs. The ILO’s work covers a wide range of issues related to labor and employment, including labor rights, social protection, employment promotion, skills development, occupational safety and health, and labor migration.

The ILO is responsible for developing and maintaining international labor standards, which are expressed in Conventions and Recommendations. These standards set out minimum requirements for labor rights, working conditions, and social protection. Member states are encouraged to ratify and implement these standards in their national legislation.

In addition to setting labor standards, the ILO provides technical assistance and capacity-building support to member states. This includes conducting research, providing policy advice, and implementing projects to promote decent work and address labor-related challenges. The ILO also engages in advocacy and awareness-raising efforts to promote social justice and workers’ rights globally.

The ILO works closely with other UN agencies, international organizations, and stakeholders to coordinate efforts and promote decent work as a central component of sustainable development. It contributes to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 8 on decent work and economic growth.

Overall, the ILO plays a vital role in advancing social justice, promoting decent work, and improving labor conditions worldwide through its normative work, technical assistance, and advocacy efforts.

Why work at ILO

  1. Mission-driven Organization: The ILO is dedicated to promoting social justice, decent work, and fair labor standards worldwide. By working at the ILO, you can actively contribute to advancing labor rights, improving working conditions, and fostering inclusive and sustainable development. Your work will align with a noble mission and have a positive impact on the lives of workers and their communities.
  2. Global Reach and Influence: The ILO operates on a global scale, working with governments, employers’ organizations, and workers’ organizations from around the world. By joining the ILO, you become part of a network of experts and practitioners who shape labor policies, set international labor standards, and drive positive change at the global level. Your work will have a direct impact on shaping labor practices and policies in diverse countries and regions.
  3. Multidisciplinary Opportunities: The ILO’s work spans a wide range of fields, including labor rights, social protection, employment promotion, skills development, and occupational safety and health. This multidisciplinary approach provides opportunities to engage in diverse projects, collaborate with experts from various disciplines, and develop a well-rounded skill set. You can deepen your knowledge and expertise in specific areas while also gaining a holistic understanding of labor-related issues.
  4. Tripartite Engagement: The ILO’s tripartite structure brings together governments, employers, and workers, fostering dialogue and collaboration among different stakeholders. Working at the ILO enables you to engage in meaningful discussions, build partnerships, and promote consensus-based approaches to address labor challenges. You can actively contribute to policy development, advocacy efforts, and capacity-building initiatives by leveraging the expertise and perspectives of diverse stakeholders.
  5. Professional Development: The ILO recognizes the importance of continuous learning and professional growth. As an ILO staff member, you will have access to training programs, capacity-building opportunities, and resources to enhance your skills and knowledge. The organization invests in its employees’ development, allowing you to broaden your expertise, expand your network, and advance your career within the international development and labor fields.
  6. Collaborative and Inclusive Work Culture: The ILO fosters a collaborative and inclusive work culture that values diversity, equality, and respect. It provides a supportive and stimulating work environment where individuals from various backgrounds can thrive. Working at the ILO offers opportunities to collaborate with professionals from different cultures, share experiences, and learn from diverse perspectives.
  7. Work-Life Balance: The ILO strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance for its employees. It recognizes the importance of well-being and offers flexible working arrangements, supportive policies, and initiatives that promote a healthy work environment. This allows you to achieve a balance between your professional responsibilities and personal life.

By working at the ILO, you can contribute to meaningful and impactful work, collaborate with global stakeholders, and make a difference in promoting social justice, decent work, and inclusive development worldwide.

Department: RO-Asia and the Pacific 
Organization Unit: CO-Jakarta 
Location: Jakarta   
Contract type: Fixed Term 

Contract duration: 12 months (possibility of renewal) 

Description of Duties

  1. Provide a range of support services in the areas of general office administration, finance, and/or HR that contribute to the timely delivery of business operations following the applicable standards.
  2. Draft and prepare standard correspondence and other materials on own initiative or from instructions, ensuring clarity of content and compliance with applicable standards and finalize for signature. Prepare draft translations of correspondence and other documents. Word process and format in final form a variety of documents. 
  3. Maintain and update databases. Input data and process routine administrative actions in the IRIS system related to leave entitlements, contracts, purchase orders, payments processing, and/or travel.
  4. Provide support for the official travel of staff, including travel and accommodation arrangements, security clearances, visa requirements, and transportation of personal effects.
  5. Provide support for meetings and events, including processing administrative actions in the IRIS system, preparing, and distributing invitation letters, agendas, and other materials, arranging meeting facilities and equipment, making travel arrangements, preparing routine cost estimates, and providing support and information to participants on matters of a routine nature. 
  6. Register and route mail, correspondence, and other documents. Process outgoing mail ensuring the most appropriate method in terms of postal rates and regulations. Maintain and organize filing systems for correspondence, documents, publications, and/or reference materials. Plan and coordinate the activities of the Office’s registry as required.
  7. Respond to routine telephone, email, and in-person inquiries or refer to the appropriate contact/unit. Supply readily available information from office files and databases. Receive and direct visitors and arrange appointments.
  8. Maintain and update inventories of office supplies. Ensure stocks are adequate and order supplies promptly. Keep the stockroom in order. 
  9. Keep abreast of changes to relevant operational rules, regulations, policies, procedures, guidelines, and processes and share information with concerned parties.
  10. Perform other relevant duties as assigned.

Required qualifications


Completion of secondary school education.


Minimum of four years of general administration and office support work experience.


Excellent knowledge of the working language of the duty station and a good knowledge of English.


  • Knowledge of general office procedures and proficiency in the use of standard office equipment
  • Good knowledge of PC software (including word processor and spreadsheet and presentation software) such as Microsoft Office

In addition to the ILO core competencies [Integrity and transparency, Sensitivity to diversity, Orientation to learning and knowledge sharing, Client orientation, Communication, Orientation to change, taking responsibility for performance, Quality orientation, and Collaboration], this position requires:

  •  Ability to work within the applicable rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to new software and systems. 
  • Ability to search, retrieve, and compile information from a variety of sources. 
  • Ability to draft standard correspondence. 
  • Ability to reply appropriately to telephone, email, and in-person inquiries.
  • Ability to maintain records and files and update databases.
  • Attention to detail to identify data discrepancies.
  • A high degree of discretion with a sense of responsibility in dealing with confidential matters.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment and to demonstrate gender-sensitive and non-discriminatory behavior and attitudes.


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