Internship Programs At NASA: U.S. Citizens Only May Apply For This Internship.

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It’s a frequent misperception that NASA only provides Internship Programs for engineers. Please be aware that NASA offers chances to students who are not engineering majors.

Numerous chances are provided by NASA for students to work on demanding projects that have a real influence on humanity.


NASA Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) paid internships allow high school and college-level students to contribute to agency projects under the guidance of a NASA mentor.

Applicants for this internship must be U.S. Citizens and meet a minimum 3.0 GPA requirement. These paid internships are offered across NASA facilities in fall, spring, and summer sessions. One application is viewed agencywide. OSTEM interns may receive a stipend based on academic level and session length. Prior experience is not required. Opportunities are available at the high school, undergraduate, graduate, and educator levels.

Upcoming Dates:
โ€“ Summer 2024 Sessionย Application Early Decision Deadline:ย Oct. 20, 2023
โ€“ Summer 2024 Sessionย Application Rolling Decision Deadline:ย Feb. 2, 2024
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NASA Internship Programs โ€“ NASA

NASA offers paid internships that provide an opportunity for high school and college-level students to contribute to agency projects.

With the help of a NASA mentor, high school and college students can participate in NASA Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) paid internships.

Candidates for this internship must be citizens of the United States and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. These paid internships are available in the fall, spring, and summer periods at all NASA facilities. The entire organization sees one application. A stipend for OSTEM interns may be awarded based on academic standing and length of the session. No prior knowledge is necessary. At the high school, undergraduate, graduate, and educator levels, there are opportunities.

At NASA, they explore the extraordinary every day and our work is more than just a professionโ€”itโ€™s a lifelong pursuit and a passion. NASA offers several opportunities for students to undertake meaningful and challenging projects that truly make an impact on humanity.

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