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Join UNHCR: Empower Refugees and Impact Lives! Multiple Job Vacancies in Various Locations. 99 Jobs Available! Apply Now

Join the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR): Empower Refugees and Impact Lives! Multiple Job Vacancies in Various Locations. Apply Now

Are you passionate about starting your career at UNHCR? Are you driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of refugees and displaced individuals worldwide? If so, this is your opportunity to join a global organization dedicated to providing protection, assistance, and solutions to those in need.

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At UNHCR, we believe that every person deserves safety, dignity, and a chance for a better future. By joining our team, you will become part of a diverse and dedicated workforce that works tirelessly to address the complex challenges faced by refugees and forcibly displaced communities.


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights, and building a better future for people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. We lead international action to protect refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people. 

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How to Apply for a Job At UNHCR

To apply for a job at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), you can generally follow these steps:

  1. Visit the UNHCR Careers website: Go to the official UNHCR Careers website at https://www.unhcr.org/careers.html.
  2. Explore job opportunities: Browse the available job vacancies to find positions matching your skills, qualifications, and interests. You can search for jobs by location, job category, or keyword.
  3. Review job descriptions: Click on the job title to view the detailed job description, requirements, and qualifications for the position. Take note of the application deadline and any specific instructions mentioned in the job posting.
  4. Prepare your application materials: Prepare all the required application materials, which typically include a resume/CV and a cover letter. Ensure that your documents highlight your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications for the specific position you are applying for.
  5. Create an account: If you haven’t already, create an account on the UNHCR Careers website. This will allow you to save your profile information and track your application status.
  6. Complete your online profile: Fill out your personal details, educational background, work experience, and other relevant information in your online profile. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  7. Submit your application: Upload your resume/CV and cover letter through the online application system. Some positions may require additional documents, such as writing samples or reference letters. Ensure that you follow the specific instructions provided in the job posting.
  8. Review and confirm your application: Before submitting your application, carefully review all the information you have entered and check that your attached documents are correct. Make any necessary edits or modifications.
  9. Submit your application: Once satisfied with your application materials, submit your application through the online system. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that your application has been successfully submitted.

Monitor your application: After submitting it, you can track its progress through your UNHCR Careers account. UNHCR may contact you for further steps in the selection process if your application is shortlisted.

Please note that the specific application process and requirements may vary depending on the position and location. Be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the job posting to ensure a successful application.

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