What Is LinkedIn And Why Should Every Job Seeker Join It?


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A few years ago, job hunting used to be a tedious process involving printing several copies of CVs, sending them by terrestrial mail to prospective employees and waiting for the telephone call for an interview.  But the Internet has turned that completely upside-down and brought about a whole new, faster and hassle free way of job hunting. One can now search for hiring companies online, apply online and get responses via the same media, with virtually no paper trail involved. 

But what’s even more astounding is the way LinkedIn makes the whole job hunting process even smoother and effortless. Without taking anything away from Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and other social media networks, LinkedIn is miles ahead for professionals seeking to grow their careers. If you are a job seeker and are not on LinkedIn, you are missiong out on dozens of job offers and career resources that are all over LinkedIn sites and pages. First, let’s start with the basics. 

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What is LinkedIn?

Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn is a social network much like Facebook, Twitter and others. The only difference is that LinkedIn was built specifically for professionals to share their experiences, grow their careers and network with other professionals and recruiters. But LinkedIn today offers more than what it was a few years ago. Many organisations are already paying to grow their own profiles on LinkedIn, as they see the immense opportunities the platform offers.

In short, if you’re not yet on LinkedIn and are a professional or job seeker, it is certain that you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

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LinkedIn as a job marketplace 

As we have highlighted above, both professionals and employers or organisations now consider LinkedIn as important as a bank account.  The atmosphere on LinkedIn is way more professional that on other social networks, hence it’s a perfect place for employers to advertise job vacancies with virtually no trolling from hangers-on. 

Employers also use the platform to advertise themselves as employers or providers of goods or services. On the other hand, employees also use LinkedIn to market themselves to prospective employers by uploading their CVs, updating their profiles and indicating that they are open to new hires should there be openings. 

But LinkedIn offers way more than that. It allows professionals to set up notifications from prospective employers when they are hiring.   LinkedIn users may also create or join groups where they can share experiences and resources with fellow professionals. 

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Free LinkedIn and LinkedIn Premium: the differences

Basically, LinkedIn is free to both individuals and organisations who want basic professional interaction and growth. 

By basic usage, we mean making posts, commenting on posts by companies or individuals in your networks, sharing those posts and more. You do all that on the free version of LinkedIn, which most people are content with. However, certain features on LinkedIn are premium and accessible to only those who subscribe for that service.

LinkedIn Premium version is suitable for professionals who want to have more than the basic features. Services available in LinkedIn Premium include access to online professional development classes, insights into who’s been viewing your profile, and the ability to instantly message anyone on LinkedIn. 

This includes messaging even those people who are not within your own network.

Note that free LinkedIn has restricted messaging capabilities, and also a limited number of new connections you can push per calendar month. 

There are different levels of subscription tiers on LinkedIn, with some suited to individuals while others are more suited to business seeking to grow their influence or push sales, for example.  However, for most people and individuals, the free version of LinkedIn offers just enough functionality to grow themselves and interact with other organisations or professionals. 

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Conclusion: Every jobseeker needs LinkedIn 

In concluding, it is clear that LinkedIn has vast numbers of tools and resources to help grow your career, mostly for free.  Many companies also now advertise new vacancies exclusively on LinkedIn, as well as insist that applications be submitted on LinkedIn. This means that those who are not on the platform miss out on the job vacancies.

For all these and more other reasons, it is apparent that a presence on LinkedIn is now a necessity for today’s jobseeker.  If you were not on LinkedIn already, we advise that you create your account and grow your network. If you are on LinkedIn but haven’t been that much active, we recommend that you update your profile with the latest CV, qualifications and experience and skills you have acquired. 

Prospective employers now regularly turn to LinkedIn (and other social platforms) before hiring new staff. Your profile must therefore be kept always clean, up-to-date and as professional as possible.

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