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Besides having an excellent academic record, there are a few documents required in order to make your application competitive and to increase your chances of attaining the scholarship. Before you submit your application, you should make sure that you are aware of everything you should know about the scholarship and you can do this by getting in touch with an advisor from the university you are applying to. Contacting professors from the university for scholarship recommendations is also a wise choice.


Mandatory documents when applying for a scholarship include:

  • Application Form

The first and most obvious is the application form that you fill in and this is normally found on the university website.

  • Certified Copies of Academic Transcripts

This includes all your academic records from High School, College/University and these documents must be attested before you upload them. It is important that these documents are in English or the national language of the country the university is in.

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  • A Copy Of Your National Identification Card/Passport

If you are given he option of sending either you passport or ID, the passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after you have placed your application. If you fail to submit your passport, you can still scan and submit your national ID.

  • Proficiency Letter

This is proof, from the writer that the applicant possesses adequate skills in the English Language.

In a maximum of normally, 400 words, you are expected to explain your future goals and the reason behind your chosen career path. It is essential that all the information you pen down is correct and that all legal information is true. In this letter, you are also required to match your qualities with your chosen degree.

  • Recommendation Letter

The number of recommendation letters you are to submit vary with the scholarship in question. The writer of the letter is simply telling the university why they should pick you from the rest. It serves as a a backup to your motivational letter  and gives more information concerning your skills, intellectual capacity an qualities. The letter can be from your teacher, lecturer or employer that supervised your work. 

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should be in a professional format. In the absence of work experience,you may add your study experiences, volunteer work experience, achievements and any other skills. Do include the languages you are fluent in and also include computer literacy skills and any certificates you may have. WEBSITE

  • Standardised Test Scores


  • Financial Information of Parent/Guardians

This is provided if asked for, in case of a partial scholarship.

  • Medical Report

It must be from an authorised medical centre or hospital in your home country.

  • Research Proposal

Required when applying for a Masters or PhD scholarship and it provides an outline of what you intend to research on. . It only serves as a starting point for discussion and development.


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