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Plan International is a development and humanitarian organisation which works in over 75 countries across Africa, the Americas, and Asia to advance children’s rights and equality for girls.

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About Plan International

Plan International is a nonprofit organization that focuses on advancing children’s rights and equality for girls. It was founded in 1937, and its headquarters is located in Woking, United Kingdom. Plan International operates in over 75 countries worldwide and works in partnership with communities, governments, and other organizations to address the root causes of inequality and promote sustainable development.

Here are some key points about Plan International:

  1. Mission: Plan International’s mission is to advance children’s rights and equality for girls, with a particular emphasis on achieving gender equality. The organization aims to ensure that all children, especially girls, have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  2. Focus Areas: Plan International works across multiple focus areas, including education, child protection, youth empowerment, sexual and reproductive health and rights, disaster response and resilience, and economic empowerment.
  3. Gender Equality: Plan International places a strong emphasis on promoting gender equality and challenging discriminatory norms and practices that hinder girls’ and women’s rights and opportunities. The organization believes that when girls and women are empowered, entire communities benefit.
  4. Child-Centered Approach: Plan International’s programs and initiatives are designed to respond to the specific needs and rights of children and young people. The organization works to ensure that children’s voices are heard and that they actively participate in decisions affecting their lives.
  5. Community-Led Development: Plan International recognizes the importance of working in partnership with communities and local organizations. The organization supports community-led development initiatives, empowering communities to identify their needs and drive sustainable change.
  6. Advocacy and Influence: Plan International advocates for policy changes and social norms that promote children’s rights and gender equality. The organization works at the local, national, and international levels to influence decision-makers and raise awareness about issues affecting children and girls.

Why work at Plan International

Working at Plan International can be a fulfilling and impactful experience for several reasons:

  1. Mission and Values: Plan International’s mission to advance children’s rights and equality for girls is inspiring and aligns with the goal of creating a more equitable and just world. By working at Plan International, you can contribute to meaningful and sustainable change in the lives of children and communities.
  2. Focus on Gender Equality: Plan International places a strong emphasis on promoting gender equality and addressing the unique challenges faced by girls and women. By working at Plan International, you can be part of efforts to challenge harmful norms, empower girls and women, and create a more inclusive society.
  3. Global Reach: With operations in over 75 countries, Plan International offers opportunities to work in diverse cultural contexts and make a difference in communities around the world. This global reach provides a chance to learn from different perspectives, broaden your understanding of development issues, and develop a global mindset.
  4. Child-Centered Approach: Plan International’s child-centered approach ensures that the voices and needs of children are at the forefront of their work. As an employee, you can contribute to programs and initiatives that prioritize the well-being, education, and protection of children, and actively involve them in decision-making processes.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: Plan International works in partnership with communities, governments, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders. This collaborative approach allows for shared learning, leveraging of resources, and sustainable impact. Working at Plan International provides opportunities to build relationships, network, and collaborate with a wide range of actors in the development sector.
  6. Professional Development: Plan International invests in the professional development of its staff, providing training, learning opportunities, and career advancement prospects. You can gain valuable skills, experiences, and knowledge that can enhance your career in the development and humanitarian sectors.

Details on the post

Date: 3 May 2024

Location: Makati City, Philippines

Company: Plan International

The Organisation


  1. Monitoring and Evaluation: Implement the project’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan, ensuring the establishment of robust data systems to track progress and measure project outcomes effectively.
  2. Progress Tracking: Consolidate feedback and validate reports to accurately measure project accomplishments and ensure alignment with project goals and objectives.
  3. Knowledge Sharing: Capture best practices and lessons learned from the project implementation, and create project briefs in a child and youth-friendly format to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning.


Education: Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science, Statistics, Social Work, Community Development, or a related field.


  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience in development work.
  • Three (3) years of experience in conducting research, planning, developing, and managing community development projects.

Skills and Training:

  • Have relevant training in project management, participatory research, and monitoring and evaluation methods.


  • Previous work experience in a similar project or with non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Communication Skills:

  • Demonstrated proficiency in verbal and written communication, with the ability to effectively engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds.


  • Applicants must be based in the Philippines and be Filipino nationals.


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