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Plan International is a development and humanitarian organisation that works in over 75 countries across Africa, the Americas, and Asia to advance children’s rights and equality for girls.


About Plan International

Here is a more detailed overview of Plan International:

Plan International is a leading global non-profit organization that focuses on advancing children’s rights and promoting equality for girls. Founded in 1937, Plan has a presence in over 75 countries worldwide, making it one of the largest child-centered community development organizations.

At the heart of Plan International’s mission is a commitment to creating a just world where all children can reach their full potential. The organization works to address the root causes of poverty, inequality, and discrimination that keep children, especially girls, from accessing their basic rights. Plan’s programs span a wide range of areas, including education, health, water and sanitation, child protection, economic empowerment, and disaster response.

One of Plan’s key focus areas is promoting girls’ rights and gender equality. The organization recognizes that girls often face compounded discrimination and barriers, and works to challenge harmful gender norms, empower girls to be leaders, and advocate for policies that protect girls’ rights. This commitment to gender equality is reflected throughout Plan’s programs and organizational culture.

Plan International follows a decentralized model, with independent national organizations in each country where it operates. This allows the organization to tailor its approach to the unique needs and contexts of local communities. At the same time, Plan is governed by an International Board and led by a Global CEO, ensuring strategic alignment and consistency across its global operations.

In addition to its programmatic work, Plan International is also known for its thought leadership and advocacy efforts. The organization conducts research, produces influential reports, and works with governments, UN agencies, and other partners to shape policies and practices that advance children’s rights and gender equality worldwide.

Why work at Plan International

Working at Plan International can be a highly rewarding experience for those seeking meaningful and impactful work. As a leading global organization focused on advancing children’s rights and girls’ equality, Plan offers employees the opportunity to directly contribute to programs and initiatives that make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable communities.

One of the most compelling aspects of Plan International is its strong organizational commitment to promoting gender equality. Employees have the chance to be part of an organization that is actively working to address gender-based discrimination and empower women and girls around the world. This alignment with Plan’s core mission can be deeply fulfilling for those passionate about social justice and human rights.

Plan International also prides itself on maintaining a diverse and inclusive work culture. Employees from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives are welcomed and celebrated, creating an environment conducive to learning, collaboration, and professional growth. The organization invests in the development of its staff through training programs, mentoring, and opportunities for lateral movement, allowing employees to expand their expertise and take on increased responsibilities over time.

Furthermore, Plan’s global reach provides employees with the chance to gain valuable international experience. With operations in over 75 countries, Plan offers the opportunity to work in diverse cultural contexts, both at its headquarters and in field offices. This global exposure can be tremendously enriching, both professionally and personally.


Details on the post

Location:  Honiara

Type of Role:  Fixed Term

Reports to: Country Programme Manager

Grade:  D1 

Salary : approximately 93,000–130,000 SBD

Closing Date: 15 Jun 2024

Role Purpose : 

Plan International is an international child and youth development organization dedicated to promoting the realization of children and young people’s rights, especially girl’s rights, in both development and humanitarian setting. Plan International in Solomon Islands is supporting a broad spectrum of initiatives
designed to support integrated child development and youth empowerment outcomes that are strategically aligned with the national government’s priorities. Sectors of focus include Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), climate change, water and sanitation, hygiene (WASH), Child rights, and
Protection (CRCP), Adolescents Development, Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Development, Youth-Led Peace Building and Social Cohesion and Sexual Reproductive Health (SRHR) among young people and community.

The GTACC Project Manager will lead all aspects of the implementation of GTACC project in Solomon Islands and ensure that the project is well planned, evidence-based, monitored and evaluated. He or she will play a key role in monitoring and coordinating the project, focusing on Climate Change and Young girls
empowerment. S/he will develop the capabilities of planning required in project staffing and partnership to support the achievement of project goals. Other aspects of the role include budget oversight, programme development and representation of the project in Solomon Islands. This is a full-time position
based in Honiara with minimal field travel



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