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Portugal Announces New Golden Visa Regulations: Read More!

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With new investment options, Portugal’s Golden Visa program goes through a significant shift. Continue reading to find out more about options to become a resident of Portugal as well as employment creation and scientific research.

The “More Housing” measure has been formally ratified by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, ushering in a wave of revisions that noticeably reshape the nation’s Golden Visa program.

The bill, which includes a number of game-changing features, including updated Golden Visa criteria, is currently scheduled to go through examination in Parliament and government chambers before being published, which is expected to happen in the next 4–8 days.

Portugal Announces New Golden Visa Regulations: Read More!

From Veto to Consent: The President’s Decision

After initially using his veto power to prevent the legislation’s passage, President de Sousa decided to sign it into law. Last Monday, a second round of vote in Parliament gave the law ultimate passage, forcing the President to provide his approval.

New Golden Visa Rules

Industry experts anticipate a seismic shift towards the fund investment category as the favored approach for the majority of investors now that real estate investments are off-limits for potential Golden Visa applicants.

Due to the limitation on real estate investment, a thorough list of Portugal Golden Visa funds is anticipated to undergo considerable alterations as a result of these changes.

New Investment Possibilities

As of right now, those looking for a Golden Visa have the following new investment options:

I) Job Creation: The creation of a minimum of ten jobs.

II) Scientific Research: Transfer of capital equal to or exceeding EUR 500,000, allocated to research activities conducted by public or private scientific research institutions integrated into the national scientific and technological system.

III) Cultural Heritage Support: Transfer of capital equal to or exceeding EUR 250,000, designated for investment or support of artistic production, preservation, or maintenance of national cultural heritage through various public and private entities engaged in these pursuits.

IV) Collective Investment: Transfer of capital equal to or exceeding EUR 500,000, earmarked for acquiring shares in specific collective investment organizations incorporated under Portuguese law. These funds must have a maturity period of at least five years and allocate at least 60% of their investments to commercial companies based in the national territory.

V) Commercial Ventures: Transfer of capital amounting to EUR 500,000 or more for establishing a commercial company with a registered office in the national territory, combined with the creation of five permanent jobs.

Alternatively, if it results in the creation or maintenance of at least ten employment, including at least five permanent posts, for a minimum period of three years, then increasing the share capital of an existing business inside the national territory is also a qualifying alternative.

Rewards for Low-Density Regions

It’s vital to remember that investing in low-density areas can lower the minimum investment needs for options 1, 2, and 3 by 20%. These locations are those that have a population density of less than 100 people per square kilometer or a GDP per capita that is less than 75% of the national average.

Real Estate is not allowed.

Importantly, any type of real estate investment, whether direct or indirect, is now expressly prohibited by the revised Golden Visa criteria.

These new policies are expected to change the playing field for potential Golden Visa applicants and bring in a new era of Portuguese investment tactics. For efficient navigating of these developments, investors are urged to engage with legal and financial specialists.

Follow updates for additional information on the developing Portugal Golden Visa program and its investment opportunities, and seek the advice of certified experts for individualized direction.

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