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The Department of Safety and Security is a department of the United Nations providing safety and security services for UN agencies and departments as part of the UN Safety Management System. UNDSS reports directly to the Secretary-General.

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The United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) is a department within the United Nations Secretariat that is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of UN personnel, premises, and assets around the world. It was established in 2005 to consolidate and strengthen the security functions of the UN system.

The primary mandate of UNDSS is to provide leadership, coordination, and support to UN entities in the field of security. Its main objectives are:

  1. Security Risk Management: UNDSS works to identify, assess, and mitigate security risks faced by UN personnel and operations. It provides guidance and support to ensure that security measures are in place to protect UN staff, assets, and operations.
  2. Security Coordination: UNDSS facilitates coordination among UN entities, host countries, and other stakeholders to enhance security cooperation and information sharing. It promotes a unified approach to security management within the UN system.
  3. Security Services: UNDSS provides a range of security services, including security assessments, planning, and advice to UN entities. It also supports the establishment and management of security arrangements, such as security plans, systems, and procedures.
  4. Crisis Management: UNDSS plays a key role in crisis management and response. It assists in the development of crisis management plans, provides support during emergencies and crises, and coordinates security-related evacuations, if necessary.
  5. Training and Capacity Building: UNDSS develops and delivers security training programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of UN personnel in managing security risks. It also supports capacity building initiatives for host countries and local partners to strengthen security arrangements.

Why work at UNDSS

  1. Global Impact: UNDSS plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of UN personnel, premises, and assets worldwide. By working at UNDSS, you directly contribute to the protection and well-being of UN staff and the effective operation of UN missions and programs in some of the most challenging and high-risk environments around the world.
  2. Meaningful Work: The work of UNDSS is essential for enabling the UN’s humanitarian, peacekeeping, and development efforts. By providing security risk management, coordination, and support, you contribute to creating a safe and secure environment in which UN personnel can carry out their important work of promoting peace, human rights, and sustainable development.
  3. Professional Development: UNDSS offers opportunities for professional growth and development. Working in a diverse and dynamic environment, you gain valuable experience in security risk management, crisis response, and international operations. The training and capacity-building programs provided by UNDSS help enhance your skills and expertise in security-related fields.
  4. Multidisciplinary Collaboration: UNDSS operates in close collaboration with other UN entities, host countries, and security stakeholders. By working at UNDSS, you have the opportunity to engage with professionals from various backgrounds, including security, diplomacy, humanitarian affairs, and development. This multidisciplinary collaboration allows for learning, networking, and the exchange of ideas and best practices.
  5. International Exposure: UNDSS operates in different regions and countries, providing opportunities for international assignments and exposure to diverse cultures and contexts. Working at UNDSS allows you to gain a global perspective and develop cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity.
  6. Making a Difference: By ensuring the safety and security of UN personnel, you contribute to the overall effectiveness and impact of the UN’s work. Your efforts help create an enabling environment for the delivery of humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping operations, and development programs, ultimately making a positive difference in the lives of people affected by conflict, disasters, and other crises.
  7. Work-Life Balance and Benefits: The UN offers competitive salary packages, benefits, and a commitment to work-life balance. It promotes a supportive and inclusive work environment that values diversity, gender equality, and work-life integration.

Details to the post

Job Opening ID: 233864
Job Network : Internal Security and Safety
Job Family : Security
Category and Level : General Service and Related Categories, G-6
Duty Station : TEHRAN
Department/Office : Department of Safety and Security
Date Posted : May 2, 2024
Deadline : May 31, 2024


  • Assisting the Security Adviser in collecting, updating, and communicating security information within the Area of Responsibility (AoR).
  • Liaising and coordinating with host government security organizations, local authorities, military, police officers, and NGOs.
  • Assessing the security situation at the duty station and gathering verified security information for analysis.
  • Communicating security issues to heads of UN agencies and providing host country security advice to UNDSS.
  • Maintaining regular contacts with Security Focal Points of UN agencies.
  • Providing technical assistance at Area/Security Management Team meetings.
  • Assisting in maintaining the Security Plan and updating staff lists.
  • Monitoring the implementation of security measures recommended in the Security Risks Management (SRM) process.
  • Reporting security incidents and assisting in the preparation of security reports.
  • Organizing and conducting training courses on security awareness and preparedness.
  • Providing security orientation to newly assigned staff members and conducting security briefings.
  • Assisting with security evaluations and providing advice on residential security measures.
  • Establishing and maintaining a warden system and updating information related to UN offices and residences.
  • Administering a pass and ID system and maintaining liaison with commercial security companies.
  • Providing general administrative assistance, maintaining correspondence files, and managing databases.
  • Arranging appointments, receiving visitors, and taking minutes/notes at meetings.
  • Performing other assigned security-related tasks.


  • Professionalism: Knowledge in security risk management, ability to make quick decisions in emergencies, professionalism, competence, commitment to gender equality, teamwork, and effective planning and organizing skills.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.

Work Experience:

  • Seven years of work experience in security, risk, disaster, or emergency areas with security responsibilities. Five years of relevant experience for candidates with a first-level university degree or higher.
  • Experience in using Microsoft applications.
  • Prior experience with the UN system or an international NGO is desirable.


  • Fluency in English (oral and written) is required.
  • Fluency in oral and written Farsi is required.
  • Knowledge of another UN official language is an advantage.


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