How To Prepare  For The New Year: Setting Targets And Resolutions


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 How to Prepare for the New Year, First of all, compliments of the season and congratulations for even wanting to better yourself by making resolutions. Just because the last resolutions you penned down did not materialize should not stop you from making a new set of resolutions. It simply means you have got to read this guide to set those resolutions right! This habit of having the exact same resolutions every year has to stop! Let me show you how:

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What are resolutions anyway?

Resolutions simply serve as a roadmap for the next 365 days. It`s that time of the year when you get to be a bit selfish and focus on bettering yourself. Resolutions are traditions, most common around the world but originating from the Western World in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their behavior at the beginning of a calendar year. These resolutions could be mental, physical, and even emotional but above all, they should be realistic.

So why do you need them?

New year`s resolutions come at a point when you look back at the past year and decide to make changes that better your life in the best way you can. Since a resolution is a promise to yourself,  writing it down makes it more attainable so, yes, you do need resolutions.

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How do you make them?

  1. Self Introspect

Are you happy with what has been going on in your life over the past 12 months? Take a look at what you need to stop doing, what you need to start doing, who and what you need to cut off to make sure you are at your best in the coming year. Take a spiritual, mental and physical introspection. Find a way to make the impossible just another target.

Get your notebook!

Just like Michael Korda said, don’t just think it, ink it. Goals written down have a way of manifesting themselves. Write down what you concluded from the self introspection and read it oftern to remind yourself of the changes you need to make. Remember to keep your resolutions realistic and achievable.

Make a decision to stick to them

Whether you achieve everything on your list or not all depends on you. Because human beings are used to habits, change is hard but it can be achieved if you give it your all.

Here is How to Set Achievable goals New Year and resolutions:

Ever heard of the SMART criteria? This is short for Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Timely. Using this method of making resolutions increases your chances of sticking to them and actually achieving them. A goal like, “ I will start going to the gym three times a week”, is  a SMART goal unlike, “ I will finally start working out.”

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Make your goals specific too. Do not generalize what you intend to do. Tell someone close to you about your resolutions so that you get a constant reminder to follow through. Sharing your goals makes you accountable.

All the best in the year to come. Pat yourself on the back for making it through the past year and actually want to do better. Always remember that it’s okay to abandon a resolution if you later o realize that it’s straining you in any way.

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