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Sharpen these 4 skills during your stay at college to ride career challenges ahead.

College time is preparation time.

  1. Learn the internet of things. The world has gone digital.

The world has gone digital.  What is your targeted profession. Does it rely much on the Internet?Probably not.  Yet your product or service will be more marketable on the Internet because more people spend time on the internet than reading newspapers.  You will be asked to email your copy of the CV via the Internet. You will probably be advised to look for job or contract details on the Internet.

So whether you like it or not, whatever your profession, you will just have to be competent on using the Internet to put the buck on the table. Therefore, you better start working on your digital skills if you are to get ahead of your industry because it is taking that route.

To sharpen your proficiency in how to use the Internet, the first port of call is your phone.  You must have an internet efficient phone. Because you want to make sure you are up to date with current trends in your industry. You don’t want to finish a course only to be told that your course is more valuable if you had this other qualification. Instead of just waking up daily and sloughing through the contents of these apps:







spend tones of time educating yourself on what you can

》achieve through them

》can do with them

》can’t do through them

This is important. Phones have become an addiction and I don’t see the addiction going away anywhere anytime soon.  It is here to stay. Learn how to use them to further develop your career skills in addition to the course which you are working on.

  1. Widen your field’s understanding. Go international.
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The battle cry of the moment is : He who pursues knowledge will work hard less.Yes you heard me right! If you are going to be a household name in your industry, then your foundation must take hold now. The time to dig the trenches and pour the concrete is now. It is a journey,  a process and you are going to have to put in tonnes of time, internet data and resources to be top class.

You want to make sure that when you are done with the course, you will find yourself very knowledgeable and advanced in relevant technology.

You need to know the following about your industry:

  1. A) Which are the leading companies and what are they doing.
  2. B) Who are the 5 leading experts in your industry.
  3. C) Which 4 informative websites do you rely on for the latest trends worldwide.
  4. D) What 3 new products have been introduced in the last 6 months which are making an impact.

Mastering these will be the starting point to open your eyes and show you certain industrial trends which are not obvious to the ordinary student.  The practice will help you to easily pick the key result areas which have a great impact and high turnover.

If you do this, you will have started mastering your industry.

3. Learn Networking. It will be the bedrock of your specious progress.

Networking is the activity of linking up with useful people to get to your desired destination.  It has been said that we are 2 or 3 people away from what you are looking for. Things have become far much more developed than that. You are now your phone away from what you want. With less than 5 clicks, you can get all the information you want about anything without opening your mouth wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

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So, in this WhatsApp age, for example, you must be in at least 5 skill-related groups for updates.  There are plenty of clubs, seminars, and groups where you can make friends, meet mentors and get ideas in your area of interest.

LinkedIn is one application which must be on your phone. People have secured jobs through LinkedIn. You will link up with school and college friends and get referrals.   Some of the referrals will be international.

We encourage you to be part of Campus Lifestyle Entrepreneurial Club (CLEC) to network and share

Someone once said that if you want to be very good at something, then teach it.  In other words, you will grow by sharing what you know.  And you will realize that you don’t know it all when you hear others giving their take on whatever subject that will be under discussion.

4.Monetize your practical skills. How do you manage stress and fatigue after studying?

Make sure you leave college having given the world a long-lasting solution idea to a problem.

 If there was a time for you to try out your ideas on a small scale to test their viability,  it is now. But first, let us be clear.  Gone are the days when we used to focus on studying only during college time. Today’s life demands maximum use of time and resources.  In other words , the guy working on his skills to make them bring in an extra dollar will always be ahead of the game in life. It is nothing new. A number of people have self-financed their education from time immemorial from jobs and projects are done whilst they were in college.

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If you have not taken our Skill Assessment Analysis to determine your true purpose for existing and identify your God-given skill, then you are probably groping in the air heading to a place of no value or impact.

You are just as good as a cricket player holding a bat in a soccer field full of football players.You must know why you are here, why you are still alive when someone is heading to the grave and you are remaining.

That must be clear,  very clear.

But I disagree.

The bottom line :

》Determine your passion.

》 Identify the skill that expresses your passion.

》Look for programs on the internet which can help you perfect the skill.

》look out for a mentor or join a club, attend workshops and seminars to test your product/service and broaden your knowledge and influence.

Soon your solutions may start making your desired

Want to get started on how to identify your passion, skill and develop it into a moneymaking vehicle?

Give us a shout and we will contact you.

Until next articles: Taking the Self Assessment Analysis Test


by P. Gumbu

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