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Special Scholarship Program 2022: Kochi University of Technology in Japan

The Kochi University of Japan is calling for students to apply for the special scholarship program for 2022.

The application for the special scholarship program (SSP) is open now. The program is offered to doctoral and project-based candidates. The applicants must submit their online requests to the project leader before submitting their research proposal.

The form can be downloaded via the official website (link is provided below). It is a three-year program, and the scholarship will be provided for one year. After that, the scholarship will be extended each year unless the university terminated the student for any of the reasons. Not more than three students will be enrolled for each project leader.

Only applicants who obtain the leader’s permission for their preferred project are eligible to apply with documentation. The admission decision will be made after examining the documents and the results of an interview, English exam, and academic achievement exam in the field of specialization required to conduct the selected research project.

Here are more details about the Special Scholarship Program 2022

Deadline is September 17, 2021

Country: Japan

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Eligibility Criteria :

Applicants must meet all the criteria to apply for the Special scholarship program:

  • Applicant must have perm from the lease of preferred SSP project to apply for this program.
  • Hold a degree of recognized institute equipment to master’s degree of KUT after 18 years of education. Alternatively, the applicant is scheduled to acquire a master’s degree before KUT enrolment.
  • Applicant must be under the age of 35.
  • Must have an excellent academic record with degrees from reputable universities.
  • Applicant must possess intention, knowledge, and research skill for this program.
  • Applicants must be proficient in English.
  • Special scholarship program candidates must work a minimum of 50 hours monthly for a specific research project at Kochi University.
  • Candidates must report his/her study and research achievements to the dean of the Graduate School of Engineering by the end of each semester. The submitted report will be evaluated by the dean of the Graduate School of Engineering.

Benefits :

The Kochi University of Technology Special Scholarship program 2022 provides:

  • 30,000 yen entrance examination fee will be exempted.
  • 300,000 yen enrolment fee and 536,800 yen tuition fee will be exempted.
  • 150,000 yen will be provided each month for living expenses and research projects (taxes must be paid from this amount).
  • 150,000 yen will be provided for travel costs (only to international applicants living outside Japan).
  • The program will be conducted in the English language.

Application Process:

  • Applicant must choose one research project from the project list SSP Research Project List.
  • Send a pre-application online to the leader of your project (pre-Application form).
  • Only one pre-application request must be submitted to the leader. The leader may not contact you in case your request is rejected.
  • When you get permission for the research project, you must complete all required documents and submit them to KUT. The documents must reach before the deadline.
  • The required documents must be sent to the International Relations Section, Kochi University of Technology Tosayamada, Kami City Kochi 782-8502, JAPAN.
  • The list of documents is provided here list of required documents.

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