Stand a better Chance to Get a Job by Choosing One of These High-Demand Careers

Life is too short to spend on the wrong career path! The career decisions you make for yourself affect every area of your life which is why it is essential to take up the right career path. Choosing the right career can give you fulfilment, quality salary and skills development as long as you are sure to include factors such as global trends, globalisation and most importantly, your priorities in accordance with your personality. Whether you want to make your very first career choice or a career pivot, this one is for you. Here are a few recommended careers you can make your pick from:

  1. Personal Care Aide

This job entails helping the elderly, people suffering from chronic ailments and mental disorders and assisting them to take on their daily tasks. For this career path a passion for helping others and patience is essential. This career saw a sharp rise in its hiring volumes from the 2020 COVID-19 era till present. Since no medical aid related tasks are required of the personnel, getting the qualification is not too much of a task. The work often begins post-surgery, after the patient has already been attended to by medical professionals. There are some online courses available to kick-start your career as a Personal Care Aid:

  • Nurse Practitioner

A 52% increase in hiring has been experienced in the year 2022 is expected to shoot further in 2023 and beyond. Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse-Midwives and Nurse practitioners are responsible for providing primary and in some cases, speciality healthcare as well as coordinating patient care and of late. If you are a registered nurse or considering becoming one then you are definitely in luck, not only are the following countries famed for remunerating health workers well, they are also frequently recruiting from around the globe: The United Kingdom, Dubai, Ireland and Canada with salaries ranging from USD$32 000 for entry level to $55 000 after gaining experience. . Secure your Master`s Degree as a Nurse Practitioner and prepare to be pursued by companies once you are out on the market and get yourself a national APRN certification :

  • Software Developer Quality Assurance Analyst

Not only is this career fast growing, it also allows you to earn while working from home. It involves the whole process of creating a software program, designing and running software tests and helping determine security requirements. With just a bachelor`s degree, you will be able to earn approximately USD$110 000 per annum for fixing the bugs found in apps! You can start by getting a professional certificate here: apply here

  • Solar Photovoltaic Installer

The perfect career path for those who love to work outside with their hands, as long as you have no fear of heights, that is! The main job is to install solar panels on roof tops, earning about USD$44 890 per annum. The whole world is growing green, creating more job opportunities in this regard and yes, you can still do this job without a college degree. Most companies offer on the job training or you could resort to online solar training courses here:

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  • Supply Chain Management

Jobs in this profession include Purchasing Agent, Logistics Analyst and Distribution Manager. The growth of this field can somewhat be attributed to the panic buying that took place during the lock-down in various countries around the globe which changed the just-in-time delivery methods that a number of retailers were used to. Demand for professionals in this field has also grown because of digital technology advancement , globalisation and an inflated focus on supply chain risk. If mathematics, engineering principles and statistics are your thing, this might just be the right job for you.

  • Make-up Artists

Yes, make-up artists, you read that right. This is an often overlooked but fast rising and currently in-demand profession. You do not need a college degree for this but cosmetology schools are popping up everywhere with the course also being adopted by a number of colleges. This is no longer a female dominated profession. All you really need is a passion to make people look good and the next step is to locate a school near you to perfect your skills and, who knows, you could end up in the motion picture industry, earning up to USD$ 111 950 per annum.:

The “career path” decision is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in this life so, as you do, remember that the way in which you spend your days is the same way in which you spend your life. Make an informed decision today and pick a career that will keep you a classic in a world so full of trends!


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