Sweden is facing a labor shortage in several sectors. Foreigners to Apply


  • During the second quarter of 2023, companies in Sweden reported 106,565 job openings.
  • Shortages of workers are seen mostly in healthcare, education, IT, engineering and construction, skilled trades, manufacturing, and machine operations.
  • One of the requirements for obtaining a Swedish work visa is that a foreigner must be offered a salary of at least €1220.

106,565 job vacancies were registered in all regions of Sweden in the second quarter of this year, according to Statista.

Despite the fact that the number of job vacancies is lower compared to the previous quarter, and also to the same period last year, Sweden is facing a labour shortage in several sectors, reports.

According to the European Labour Authority (EURES), among sectors that are facing a shortage of workers, include healthcare, education, IT, engineering and construction, skilled trades, manufacturing and machine operations.

EURES also noted that a significant number of both private and public employers in Sweden faced difficulties while hiring people last year.

In autumn 2022, 41 per cent of private employers reported that they had experienced a skills shortage when recruiting in the past 6 months. Among public employers, 60 per cent experienced a recruitment shortage over the same period.European Labour Authority

As for highly skilled workers, Sweden has a significant shortage in sectors such as healthcare, education, IT, engineering and construction, and law enforcement. The most in-demand jobs of these sectors include the following professions:

  • Midwives
  • Civil engineers
  • System analysts and IT architects
  • Software and system developers
  • Police officers
  • Nursing assistants
  • Specialist nurses
  • Doctors
  • Primary school teachers
  • Special needs teachers and educators
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Occupations with other skill levels that also have a shortage of workers include sectors of construction and skilled trades, manufacturing and machine operations, agriculture, transportation, and healthcare. The most in-demand occupations related to these sectors include:

  • Healthcare assistants
  • Mobile farm and forestry plant operators
  • Bus and tram drivers
  • Plumbers and pipefitters
  • Agricultural and industrial machinery mechanics and repairers
  • Manufacturing machine operators
  • Construction workers
  • Carpenters and Joiners
  • Motor vehicle mechanics and repairers
  • Welders

This implies that individuals from abroad who belong to any of the specified occupations may have a higher chance of securing a Swedish work visa.

On the other hand, occupations that could encounter high competition are those with a substantial number of workers in the respective fields, and they include bankers, real estate agents, photographers, graphic designers, journalists, shop assistants, receptionists, telephone operators and caretakers.

This results in high levels of unemployment in these occupational groups. A relatively large share of the unemployed workforce is therefore deemed to be in these occupations.European Labour Authority

In terms of location, the majority of job openings in Sweden are concentrated in Stockholm. West Sweden is the second in terms of the number of job vacancies, whereas the region of Central Norrland has the lowest recorded number of job openings.

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Who Needs a Visa in Order to Work in Sweden?

Citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are not required to have a work visa in order to work in Sweden.

Individuals from the rest of the countries have to apply for a work visa if they intend to work in the Swedish country. However, in order to obtain a Sweden work visa, among other things, they must have a job offer/contract, the offered salary must be at least €1220 per month and the respective employer must provide insurance that covers health, life, employment and pension.

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