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The German Academic Exchange Service annualy sponsors over 100 000 German and International reasearchers and students around the world and this makes it the world`s largest sponsorship program of its kind. This is a scholarship for international students to study in Germany and is currently open for the 2023 academic year.

The scholarship has been made available to study Masters and PhD at the top universities in Germany. It is a fully funded scholarship and it covers monthly payments of £1 200 for doctoral students and £861 for graduates. The main aim of the scholarship is to train specialists from developed and newly industrialised countries, guaranteeing less poverty, more education and health for all. The scholarships do not have to be paid back in any way.

Courses On Offer

  • Art and Design
  • Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Economic Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Language and cultural studies
  • Medicine and health sciences
  • Mathematics and natural sciences

See the continued list here: CONTINUATION

Depending on the chosen program of study, the programs last between 12 and 36 months. Deadlines for applications also vary according to program. Check for your program here: FULL INFORMATION

Scholarship Benefits

Besides being enrolled at a world renowned university,

  • Monthly payments. £1 200 for doctoral studies and £851 for Masters.
  • Travel allowances
  • Once off study allowance
  • Accident, health and personal liability insurance cover.
  • Monthly rent subsidy
  • Tuition

Eligibility Criteria

  • Fluency in English (TOEFL or IELETS) or German
  • Be in an eligible country, check here: ELIGIBLE COUNTRY
  • Be a holder of a Bachelors or Masters degree in relevant field
  • Minimum of 2 years professional experience
  • Candidates can prove their motivation is development-related and be expected to take on social responsibility and initiate and support processes of change in their personal and professional environment after their training/scholarship.

The Application Process

You can apply for a maximum of three courses. Be sure to list them in order of priority.

  • Certificate(s) of Employment from the employer(s) that proof a minimum of two years of relevant working experience (after the bachelor degree) at the time of application and if possible, a guarantee of re-employment from your current employer upon returning home.

Proof of Language Skills:

  • English – IELTS or TOEFL (Note: The institutional TOEFL is not accepted)
  • German – Required for courses taught in German

  • Copies of Academic Degrees (certified translation if necessary)
  • Copies of Academic Transcripts, including grading-scale (certified translation if necessary)
  • Applicants from the People’s Republic of China are asked to submit an APS Certificate with their application documents.

  • Personally signed CV (please use the sample europass form at ) with current date
  • Personally signed Letter of Motivation (with reference to current occupation and choice of postgraduate programme(s), two pages maximum) with current date.

  • IMPORTANT: When applying for more than one postgraduate course (maximum 3 courses), you have to submit one motivation letter explaining why you are applying for these specific courses and why you chose that priority.

DAAD also offers research grants for doctoral candidates and these are a year long.They are offered to young scientists and doctoral candidates and academics. Funding is for a period of 7 to 12 months and is determined by a selection committee that takes your plan into consideration. Your application should indicate how long you wish to receive the funding. Benefits such as monthly allowance, rent and subsidies is decided on by the board according to each application. These grants are also non renewable.

This programme offers candidates the opportunity to carry out research primarily as part of doctoral projects in Germany.

For more information regarding the DAAD scholarships : DAAD SCHOLARSHIPS

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