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The world today has become a global village, thanks to technology and innovation, and it is now commonplace to work abroad. There are many reasons why people prefer to work outside of their country of birth, and we shall briefly touch on them below.

Why choose to work abroad?

  1. Absence of desired job opportunities

A key reason for opting to take jobs outside one’s country is absence of desired job opportunities in one’s country. In some countries, especially the least developed, there is virtual absence of specialist jobs such as those in Nanotechnology, Space Science, Neurosurgery and so on.

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Inadequate vacancy slots

Some countries have fewer organizations offering certain jobs, leading to stiff competition for employment. Those who fail to secure jobs at the local firms or organisations may end up opting for the same job opportunities abroad.

Better pay and conditions of work

This is probably the main reason for labour emigration. Most professionals migrate from their country in search of better and more fulfilling career prospects.

Countries especially in the western world generally offer better wages and conditions of service than the rest of the world, for the same job. A medical doctor in Pakistan dor example earns much lower than a doctor doing the same job and possessing the same qualifications in Canada, Germany or the UK.

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Escape from natural and human disasters

A significant chunk of people working abroad ran away from disasters in their own country. These include famine, floods, hunger, disease and even human made disasters such as wars, conflict and political upheaval.

Dedication to a cause

There are professionals taking jobs on foreign lands for inner satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. These may include medical professionals serving poor communities across the world, for example.

Pros of working abroad

Now that we have looked at some of the reasons for working abroad, let us consider what people find amazing and good about working in foreign countries.

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  1. Experience new culture

Exposure to foreign culture and social atmosphere is a major benefit that comes with working abroad. People get to meet new ways of doing things, new foods, arts, music and customs and beliefs. These are things that one might not get working in their home country.

  1. Better life than in home country

This point is linked to our reason 3 on why people prefer to work abroad. If one is from a least developed country, an obvious benefit of working abroad is a better life stemming from good working conditions.

  1. Better savings opportunities

Some foreign countries offer better savings and investments options than one’s own home country. The price of assets and properties may also be lower and more affordable kn a foreign land than in one’s own country.

Therefore, working abroad them comes with the exposure to more investment options.

  1. Better social services

Access to functional social services may be a right in the developed world, but in least developed territories, even salaried professionals struggle to access basic healthcare and education for their kids.

However, if the same professional was to find a job and emigrate to some developed country, the situation instantly improves with access to wider range of basic amenities.

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The cons of working abroad

Having touched on the benefits of working abroad, let us also consider the darker side of the same coin. Grass might be greener on the other side, yet realistically other factors make working in foreign countries not worth the while.

Firstly, note that not everyone working abroad is in a country more developed, peaceful or stable than theirs. There are professionals working in war zones and famine hit countries, yet their own countries could be much more developed and peaceful.

In such cases, one downside to working abroad is the constant absence of security and peace of mind due to an unstable host country.

Another downside to working abroad is culture shock. Many people fail to adjust or settle in a foreign culture, leading to severe stress and general depression.

Other professionals may also try to fit in a foreign culture but get repelled by unwelcoming locals, for example. There are many parts of the world where locals don’t take kindly to foreigners settling into society.

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Having noted all these, it becomes clear that when you decide to go work abroad, you need to consider a whole set of aspects before making the final decision.

You meed to weigh the pros and cons against each other, and come up with a decision guided by facts rather than emotion.

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