International Labour Organization (ILO) is Hiring from Switzerland, Uganda, United States, Ethiopia, Panama, Togo, Mexico, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Thailand, Bangladesh, Philippines, Senegal, Marshall Islands, Lebanon, Fiji, Chile. Best Job Positions: Apply Now!

In order to support the best informed process in the filling of the above-mentioned vacancy by direct selection, the ILO invites interested candidates to submit their application online by the specified date.

The following are eligible to apply:


International Labour Organization Internal candidates in accordance with paragraphs 31 and 32 of Annex I of the Staff Regulations.


TitleIDLocationJob Type
Funcionario/a de comunicación y gestión de la información9343Mexico, Mexico CityLocal
Project Manager, JLMP Action – P4 (DC)9602Ethiopia, Addis AbabaDevelopment Cooperation
Chauffeur (e) Messager (re) – G2 (DC)9542Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, KolweziCoopération pour le développement
Responsable national (e) – Engagement secteur privé et dialogue social – NOA (DC)9527Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, LubumbashiCoopération pour le développement
Coordinateur(trice) national(e) de projet – NOB (DC)9563Côte d’Ivoire, AbidjanCoopération pour le développement
National Project Coordinator, Safe and Fair9562Thailand, BangkokTemporary
Finance and Administrative Assistant – G6 (DC)9526Bangladesh, DhakaDevelopment Cooperation
National Project Officer – NOA (DC)9482Philippines, ManilaDevelopment Cooperation
Coordinateur(trice) national(e) de projet – NOB (DC)8982Togo, LomeTemporaire
Coordinateur/rice national de projet- NOA (DC)9443Senegal, DakarCoopération pour le développement
Senior Project Assistant8556Marshall Islands, MajuroDevelopment Cooperation
Project Manager, Employment and Resilience9450Lebanon, BeirutDevelopment Cooperation
Internship in labour law and development9446Fiji, SuvaInternship
Finance and Administrative Assistant – G5(DC)9445Uganda, KampalaDevelopment Cooperation
Intern- Communications9448Ethiopia, Addis AbabaDevelopment Cooperation
Economista especialista en igualdad de género y no discriminación9363Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Économiste, égalité de genre et non-discrimination9363Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Economist, Gender Equality and Non-discrimination9363Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Administrateur/administratrice des marchés (informatique)9342Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Procurement Officer (IT)9342Switzerland, GenevaInternational

TitleIDLocationJob Type
Funcionario/a de adquisiciones (tecnologías de la información)9342Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Funcionario/a de igualdad de género y no discriminación9402Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Administrateur(trice) chargé(e) de l’égalité de genre et de la non-discrimination9402Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Gender Equality and Non-discrimination Officer9402Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Senior Government Relations Officer9188United States, WashingtonInternational
Jurista9265Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Legal Officer9265Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Juriste9265Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Senior Human Resources Officer9264Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Funcionario principal de recursos humanos9264Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Fonctionnaire principal(e) chargé(e) des ressources humaines9264Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Jefe/a de Unidad (dos puestos)9404Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Head of Unit (Two positions)9404Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Chef(fe) d’unité (deux postes)9404Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Senior Translator/Reviser (Spanish) – Two positions9266Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Traductor(a) superior/revisor(a) (español) – dos puestos9266Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Traducteur/rice principal(e)/Réviseur/se (espagnol) – deux postes9266Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Administrador9410Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Administrator9410Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Administrateur/trice9410Switzerland, GenevaInternational

TitleIDLocationJob Type
Chef(fe), Unité de l’information et des médias9262Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Jefe/a, Unidad de Información y Medios de Comunicación9262Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Head, News and Media Unit9262Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Jefe/a de la Unidad de Sensibilización y Alianzas9403Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Chef/cheffe d’unité – Sensibilisation et partenariats9403Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Head of Unit – Advocacy and Partnerships9403Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Funcionario/a de producción de publicaciones9306Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Administrateur/rice chargé(e) des compétences et de l’employabilité9297Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, KinshasaInternational
Internal Communication Officer9307Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Funcionario(a) de comunicación interna9307Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
Spécialiste principal du temps de travail9362Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Funcionario/a técnico/a sobre alianzas para la coherencia de las políticas9296Panama, Panama CityInternacional
Technical Officer on Partnerships for Policy Coherence9296Panama, Panama CityInternational
Regional Specialist on Labour Economics9295Chile, SantiagoInternational
Especialista regional en economía del trabajo9295Chile, SantiagoInternacional
Administrateur (trice) chargé(e) de la production des publications9306Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Publications Production Officer9306Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Spécialiste de la protection sociale et des politiques de l’emploi9382Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Technical Officer, Skills and Employability9297Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, KinshasaInternational
Especialista Superior en Tiempo de Trabajo9362Switzerland, GenevaInternacional
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*The recruitment process for General Service positions is subject to specific local recruitment criteria. The ILO may only offer a contract to persons who have a valid residency status in Switzerland or who currently reside in neighbouring France.


ILO diversity among its staff and welcomes applications from qualified female candidates. We also encourage applicants with disabilities. If you are unable to complete our online application form due to a disability, please send an email to

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*Conditions of employment for external candidates: In conformity with existing ILO practice, the appointment of an external candidate will normally be made at the first step of this grade. 

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