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The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is hiring multiple jobs in various locations. Apply

The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is hiring multiple jobs in various locations. Apply


UNOPS – an operational arm of the United Nations – supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by successfully implementing its partners’ peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world.


Our mission is to help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development.

We are proud of our people. The UNOPS family brings together approximately 160 nationalities, represented by over 5,000 UNOPS personnel as well as some 7,800 personnel recruited on behalf on our partners. Spread across 80 countries, our workforce is rich in diversity and culture – with inclusion at its core.

We understand the importance of balancing professional and personal demands and offer several flexible working options.

Why choose to work for UNOPS?

Why someone might choose to work for UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services):

Meaningful and Impactful Work:
UNOPS is a mission-driven organization focused on implementing sustainable projects and providing infrastructure support to help the UN and its partners achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
Employees have the opportunity to contribute to work that directly improves lives and communities around the world.

Diverse and Challenging Project Portfolio:
UNOPS engages in a wide range of projects, including infrastructure development, procurement, project management, and advisory services.
This diversity allows employees to work on complex, multifaceted projects that span different sectors and regions, providing valuable learning and growth opportunities.

Technical Expertise and Innovation:
UNOPS is known for its technical expertise and innovative approaches to project implementation, allowing employees to develop and apply specialized skills.
The organization fosters a culture of continuous learning and encourages its staff to stay at the forefront of industry best practices.

Global Presence and Mobility:
With a presence in over 80 countries, UNOPS offers employees the chance to work in various locations around the world, gaining valuable international experience.
The organization supports career mobility and provides opportunities for employees to take on different roles and assignments within the organization.

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Commitment to Sustainability and Social Impact:
UNOPS is committed to delivering projects that are environmentally and socially sustainable, aligning with the organization’s values and the UN’s sustainability agenda.
Employees can take pride in knowing that their work contributes to positive social and environmental outcomes.

Excellent Benefits and Work-Life Balance:
UNOPS offers competitive remuneration, comprehensive benefits, and support for international assignments and relocations.
The organization also promotes a healthy work-life balance, with flexible work arrangements and generous leave policies.

Collaborative and Supportive Culture:
UNOPS fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment, where employees are encouraged to share their ideas and work together to find innovative solutions.

The organization values diversity and provides opportunities for professional development and growth.
In summary, working for UNOPS provides the opportunity to be part of an impactful, mission-driven organization that is making a tangible difference in the world. The diverse and challenging project portfolio, the focus on sustainability and innovation, the excellent benefits and work-life balance, and the collaborative and supportive culture make UNOPS an attractive option for professionals seeking a meaningful and rewarding career in the development and humanitarian sectors.


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