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The World Bank is actively seeking an Operations Analyst. Waste no time and apply now.


The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects.

About the world bank

The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries for development projects. Here are some key points about the World Bank:

  1. Purpose: The World Bank’s primary goal is to reduce poverty and promote shared prosperity by providing financial resources, expertise, and knowledge to help countries overcome development challenges.
  2. Structure: The World Bank consists of two institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA). The IBRD provides loans and credits to middle-income and creditworthy low-income countries, while the IDA provides grants and low- or zero-interest loans to the world’s poorest countries.
  3. Members: The World Bank has 189 member countries. Each member country is represented by a Board of Governors, usually the finance or development minister. The Board of Governors is responsible for setting the overall policies and direction of the institution.
  4. Funding: The World Bank raises funds through various sources, including borrowing from financial markets, member country contributions, and income generated from its investments and lending activities. It provides loans, grants, and other financial instruments to support projects and programs in developing countries.
  5. Focus Areas: The World Bank supports a wide range of development projects, with a focus on key areas such as poverty reduction, education, health, infrastructure development, agriculture, climate change, governance, and private sector development. Its projects aim to address social, economic, and environmental challenges in developing countries.
  6. Expertise and Knowledge Sharing: In addition to financial assistance, the World Bank provides technical expertise, research, and knowledge sharing to help countries design and implement effective development policies and programs. It conducts research, produces reports, and offers policy advice on various development topics.
  7. Multilateral Cooperation: The World Bank works closely with other international organizations, governments, civil society, and the private sector to leverage resources and expertise for development. It collaborates with partners to coordinate efforts, share best practices, and align development strategies.
  8. Safeguards and Standards: The World Bank has established environmental and social safeguards that guide its projects to ensure they are environmentally and socially sustainable. It also promotes good governance, transparency, and accountability in its operations.
  9. Independent Evaluation: The World Bank has an Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) that assesses the effectiveness and impact of the Bank’s projects, policies, and operations. The IEG provides independent evaluations and recommendations to improve the Bank’s development effectiveness.

why work at the world bank

Working at the World Bank can offer a range of opportunities and benefits for individuals interested in international development. Here are some reasons why people choose to work at the World Bank:

  1. Global Impact: The World Bank’s primary mission is to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development in developing countries. By working at the World Bank, you have the opportunity to contribute to projects and programs that have a direct and positive impact on people’s lives around the world. Your work can help shape policies, strategies, and interventions that address critical development challenges, such as poverty, inequality, infrastructure gaps, and climate change.
  2. Diverse and Multidisciplinary Work Environment: The World Bank brings together professionals from various fields, including economics, finance, engineering, social sciences, and more. This diverse and multidisciplinary work environment offers opportunities for collaboration, learning, and exchange of ideas. Working alongside experts from different backgrounds can broaden your knowledge and perspectives, fostering personal and professional growth.
  3. Professional Development Opportunities: The World Bank is committed to the professional development of its staff. It provides a range of training programs, learning opportunities, and resources to enhance skills and knowledge in areas relevant to international development. This commitment to learning and growth can support your career advancement and keep you abreast of the latest trends and practices in the field.
  4. Exposure to Cutting-Edge Research and Innovation: The World Bank engages in research and knowledge creation to inform its development projects and policies. By working at the World Bank, you can gain exposure to cutting-edge research, innovative approaches, and best practices in the field of international development. This exposure can enhance your expertise and enable you to contribute to evidence-based decision-making and solutions.
  5. International and Cross-Cultural Experience: The World Bank operates in countries around the world, offering opportunities for international assignments and cross-cultural experiences. Working in different countries and contexts can broaden your understanding of diverse cultures, socio-economic dynamics, and development challenges. It can also enhance your ability to work effectively in multicultural teams and navigate complex global environments.
  6. Networking and Partnerships: The World Bank collaborates with governments, international organizations, academia, civil society, and the private sector. Working at the World Bank allows you to build a vast network of professionals and experts in the development field. These connections can facilitate knowledge-sharing, foster partnerships, and open doors to future career opportunities within and beyond the institution.
  7. Work-Life Balance and Benefits: The World Bank recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers a range of benefits and policies to support its staff. These may include flexible work arrangements, comprehensive healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and support for personal and family needs. The institution strives to create an inclusive and supportive work environment that promotes employee well-being.

Details To The Post

Operations Analyst

Job #: req27453
Organization: World Bank
Sector: Operations
Grade: GE
Term Duration: 3 years 0 months
Recruitment Type: Local Recruitment
Location: Mexico City,Mexico
Required Language(s): English and Spanish
Preferred Language(s):
Closing Date: 5/21/2024 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC

Role & Responsibilities:

LC1 is seeking an Operations Analyst based in Mexico to be part of its Operations Team, reporting to the Operations Manager. The Operations Analyst will work in close collaboration with the CD, OM, PLs and other members of the CMU management and country teams on all aspects of the work program to ensure strategic focus, integration, and consistency across and within the portfolio and pipeline. The Operations Analyst is expected to have strong analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative to conduct research as needed, analyze operational issues, prepare briefings and develop proposals. The Operations Analyst is also expected to work very closely with clients across sectors, deepening the engagement, responding to client requests, and support problem-solving. Key tasks include the following:

Country Strategy and Planning

• Support the design and implementation of the Country Partnership Framework process and assess strategic, and thematic issues in relationship with the broader country developments and Country Partnership Framework and global challenges,

• Contribute to the preparation and delivery of the Completion Report of the current Country Partnership Strategy for Mexico and support the elaboration of the new Country Partnership Strategy,

• Participate as a key team member of important strategic activities, including the operations management strategy,

• Prepare briefings notes for management and review and contribute to other reports,

• Assist in country program management, including business planning and work program preparation, WPA budget allocation, monitoring of work program and budget implementation,

• Prepare regular analysis of the portfolio, including portfolio trends, through excel, PPT and other means.

• Contribute to quarterly reviews, progress reporting, and responses to corporate and regional requests, and

• Participate in the client dialogue with the Mexican government, actively deepening the dialogue on the Bank’s strategic and operational work in Mexico to enhance business development.

Support to Pipeline. Portfolio management and program Implementation

• Assist and conduct the operational work for Mexico, under the leadership of the OM, in particular analyze and monitor portfolio, pipeline and operational performance as part of the operations team.

• Support the Operations Team as a liaison, coordination, and integration point for the extended country teams on operational questions; provide guidance and advice on operational priorities and strategies as needed; help foster teamwork and cross-sectoral cooperation on program preparation and implementation and contribute to country team meetings and activities,

• Ensure full compliance with corporate priorities, such as global challenges and corporate commitments such as climate change, gender and citizen engagement and act as focal point for operational teams.

• Prepare regular analysis of the portfolio, including portfolio driver, trends and projections through the use of word, excel, PPT and other digital instruments as needed.

• Support clients, especially the Secretary of Finance, on portfolio issues and pipeline planning and respond to client requests,

• Actively participate in missions related to the ongoing program (financial and knowledge services) providing guidance to the teams on implementation enhancement and facilitating internal processes.

• Assist the operations team for Mexico, and as needed on Colombia,

• Advise and support the OM on other strategic and operational issues.

Knowledge Program Monitoring

• Monitor closely LC1 knowledge program delivery by working with OM, Operation Officers, PLs, TTLs and teams in ensuring quality, timeliness and impact of tasks and take corrective action as needed.

• Work with PLs and TTLs in addressing any delays in processing completion and delivery of products; and take corrective action, as needed,

• Provide guidance and monitor the consistency and quality assurance process for the Reimbursable Advisory Services (RAS) program, by working with PLs and teams, and

• Prepare and participate in review meetings and advise team on consistency of tasks with country programs, operational processing, quality assurance and providing advice to the CD and OM on strategic, operational and country-sensitive issues.

Trust Fund Monitoring

• Ensure adequate processing and quality of new TFs proposals for discussion at the DMT meetings,

• Monitor closely LC1 Trust Fund program implementation by working with OM and PLs in ensuring quality and timeliness of tasks; and take corrective action as needed, and

• Participate in review meetings and advise team on consistency of TF activities with country programs, operational processing, and quality assurance.

CMU Support

• Support the CD and OM by preparing notes, briefings, and other communication products for clients.

• Assist business planning and work program preparation, WPA budget allocation, monitoring of work program and budget implementation, quarterly reviews, and progress reporting in collaboration with the OM and RM.

• Prepare and participate in high-level visits to the country, including support to South-South exchanges.

• Support the CMU in responding to corporate responsibilities and global challenges and support corporate and regional activities as needed.

• Support the CMU internally in office management activities and externally in stakeholder engagement.

Selection Criteria

· Advanced degree in a relevant field (Economics or other Social Sciences, Business Studies, Finance, Law, Political Science, International Relations, or similar filed relevant to the Bank’s mission.)

· Minimum of two years of relevant operational experience with the World Bank or comparable institution, ideally in an operational or advisory role to management, ideally with both public and private experience.

· In-depth understanding of Mexico’s country context, political economy and client needs.

· Excellent analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative. 

· Proven ability to think strategically, and to apply this to the design and implementation of strategies, projects and analytical and advisory work, ability to focus on the big picture, with attention to detail.

· Thorough understanding of operational policies, processes, and procedures, with strong knowledge of World Bank projects, analytical and advisory work, and trust fund operations.

· Experience in Mexico and across the region, ideally across regions.

· Excellent client and stakeholder engagement skills, with strong business development skills.

· Outstanding inter-personal, integrative, and problem-solving skills with proven ability to work effectively in a team and with stakeholders and clients.

· Demonstrated leadership skills, entrepreneurship, proactivity, and capacity to innovate.

· Strong drive for results, with a track record of strong delivery in quality and time.

· Ability to prioritize, undertake diverse and complex tasks within a rapidly changing and demanding environment under tight deadlines.

· Political sensitivity and mature judgment, ability to navigate difficult conversations with diplomacy.

· Strong communication skills in English and Spanish (speaking, reading, and writing) and digital skills.


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