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The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects.

About The World Bank

  1. Purpose: The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries. Its primary goal is to reduce poverty and promote shared prosperity by offering financial and technical assistance for development projects and policy advice.
  2. Focus Areas: The World Bank focuses on various areas essential for economic development and poverty reduction. These include education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, environmental sustainability, governance, and private sector development.
  3. Funding: The World Bank raises funds through contributions from member countries and the issuance of bonds in international financial markets. It then lends these funds to countries at preferential interest rates or provides grants for specific projects.
  4. Country Partnership Frameworks: The World Bank operates through Country Partnership Frameworks (CPF) with individual member countries. CPFs are multi-year strategies that outline the World Bank’s engagement and priorities in a specific country, based on consultations with the government, civil society, and other stakeholders.
  5. Project Financing: The World Bank finances projects through a combination of loans, grants, and technical assistance. The loans may be in the form of investment loans for infrastructure projects or development policy loans to support policy and institutional reforms.
  6. Technical Expertise: The World Bank provides technical expertise and knowledge sharing to help countries address development challenges. This includes conducting research and analysis, producing reports, and providing policy advice to member countries.
  7. Multilateral Development Banks: The World Bank Group consists of five institutions, including the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). Each institution has a specific focus and role within the World Bank Group.
  8. Governance and Voting Power: Governance in the World Bank is based on voting power, with member countries represented through their appointed officials. The voting power is determined by the size of the country’s economy and its financial contributions to the institution.
  9. Results-Based Approach: The World Bank emphasizes a results-based approach to development, focusing on the outcomes and impact of its projects and programs. It monitors and evaluates the progress and effectiveness of its interventions to ensure accountability and learning.
  10. Collaboration and Partnerships: The World Bank collaborates with other international organizations, governments, civil society, and the private sector to leverage resources, expertise, and knowledge. It aims to foster partnerships to address complex development challenges more effectively.

Why work at The World Bank

Working at the World Bank offers several compelling reasons for individuals interested in international development and making a positive impact on global issues. Here are some reasons why people choose to work at the World Bank:

  1. Mission and Impact: The World Bank’s mission is to reduce poverty and promote shared prosperity. Working at the World Bank provides an opportunity to contribute to international development efforts and make a tangible difference in the lives of people in low- and middle-income countries.
  2. Global Reach and Influence: The World Bank operates in over 100 countries, working with governments and stakeholders to address development challenges. This global reach allows employees to gain exposure to diverse cultural contexts, work on a wide range of projects, and influence policy and institutional reforms on a global scale.
  3. Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Environment: The World Bank brings together professionals from various disciplines, including economics, finance, engineering, social sciences, and more. Working alongside experts from different backgrounds fosters a collaborative and multidisciplinary work environment, enabling employees to learn from diverse perspectives and contribute their expertise.
  4. Challenging and Meaningful Work: The World Bank tackles complex development issues such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and infrastructure gaps. Employees have the opportunity to engage in intellectually stimulating work, tackle challenging problems, and drive innovative solutions that can have a lasting impact.
  5. Learning and Professional Development: The World Bank invests in the professional development of its staff. Employees have access to a wide range of training programs, knowledge resources, and learning opportunities to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and advance their careers in the field of international development.
  6. Exposure to Cutting-edge Research and Best Practices: The World Bank conducts and supports research to inform its policies and programs. Working at the World Bank provides access to cutting-edge research, analysis, and best practices in various sectors, enabling employees to stay at the forefront of development knowledge and contribute to evidence-based decision-making.
  7. Global Network and Partnerships: The World Bank collaborates with governments, international organizations, civil society, and the private sector. Employees have the opportunity to build relationships and networks with a diverse range of stakeholders, fostering partnerships and leveraging collective efforts to achieve development goals.
  8. Work-Life Balance: The World Bank recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While the nature of the work may involve occasional travel and demanding deadlines, the organization strives to provide flexible work arrangements and support employees’ well-being.
  9. Competitive Compensation and Benefits: The World Bank offers competitive compensation packages that include salary, benefits, and allowances. It provides a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and support for work-life balance.
  10. Prestige and Professional Growth: Working at the World Bank enhances an individual’s professional profile and opens doors to diverse career opportunities in the field of international development. The organization’s reputation and global presence offer employees a platform to contribute to meaningful work and advance their careers.

Organization: World Bank
Sector: Communications
Grade: GE
Term Duration: 3 years 0 months
Recruitment Type: Local Recruitment
Location: Washington, DC,United States
Required Language(s): Engish
Preferred Language(s):
Closing Date: 5/15/2024 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC

Duties And Accountabilities

• Social media: Produce social media content, including visuals and video, to promote GPE to a broad audience. Regular production of short social media strategy documents for specific events, missions, campaigns. Support management of social media channels.

• Social media and media metrics: support tracking the performance of GPE’s social media on a regular basis, using specialized tools.

• Events: Support communication components of advocacy and outreach events (e.g., leadership engagements including speeches, media conferences, seminars, and public meetings); prepare briefings and updates as required. Develop effective working relationships with communications counterparts in partner organizations. 

• Strategy: Support the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of creative digital communications strategies to ensure effective outreach to external audiences, building on the strengths and communications assets of the GPE Secretariat and GPE partners. 

• Content: Collaborate with colleagues to produce impactful content, including written pieces, GPE results and impact stories, messaging, and multimedia products.

• Risk management: Analyze and engage in risk identification and mitigation activities in the context of corporate and operational communication

Selection Criteria


Bachelor’s or master’s degree


Bachelor’s degree with 4 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Master’s degree with 2 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Accountability & Results Focus – Manages own work; takes responsibility for own decisions, deliverables and deadlines. Doesn’t let the pursuit of perfection prevent forward progress. Seeks clarity when needed to move work forward. Takes ownership of own mistakes, failures or oversights, and seeks to correct them. Raises issues or differences of opinion that threaten progress.

Adaptability – Has high degree of flexibility – responds to changing circumstances without losing momentum. Learns new skills and performs work in different ways. Remains calm in stressful situations. Professionally deals with personal discomfort in a changing work environment.

Collaboration & Teamwork – Actively collaborates with others and displays and open, helpful disposition. Acts as a teammate, stepping in to support colleagues when asked. Recognizes and values the role of each team in delivering on GPE’s mission. Approaches challenges and obstacles as shared challenges to be overcome.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills – Has experience & success working in multicultural environments. Speaks and writes clearly and effectively, adapting language, tone, style and message to diverse, multicultural audiences. Is able to communicate complex information in succinct and digestible ways. Shares information and keeps people informed; Operates with transparency, in a way that builds trust in a culturally diverse environment. Maintains productive working relationships with colleagues.

Planning & Organizing – Works well independently and in teams. Plans and prioritizes work effectively, making adjustments as needed to accommodate changes. Sets and meets individual deadlines. Ability to work under pressure and against tight timelines, and still deliver high-quality work.

Campaigns and Social Media – Familiar with trends in the digital world. Proficiency in maintaining the organization’s social media channels.  Comfortable with social media analytics tools to monitor risk, track performance, gather insights, and make data-driven recommendations for improving social media presence and impact.

Conceptual and Analytical Skills – Solid research skills. Ability to analyze and synthesize information from technical reports and other sources and summarize it into key messages. Analytical and problem-solving skills and ability to apply them in carrying out operational tasks. 

External Relations – Familiar with communications and external relations strategy, tactics, tools, and products. Familiar with the fundamentals of working in various media formats – print, audio, video, web, etc.  Able to write and edit routine communications products. Basic knowledge of graphic design principles. Some familiarity with graphic design for digital media purposes and creation of infographics and presentations (e.g. Photoshop, Canva, PSD, AI or similar). Basic knowledge of Adobe Suite or other editing programs.

Relationship Management – For assigned stakeholder group or audience, familiar with stakeholder organizations and their unique characteristics. Aware of stakeholder perspectives, interests and needs. Able to build trust and support for proposed courses of action or solutions.

Representation Skills – Well-rounded with some knowledge of GPE, its partners, and its work (not expected of external candidates). Ability to think and respond quickly and extemporaneously with tact and diplomacy.


Term appointments include, but are not limited to, medical benefits, including dental and vision, Staff Retirement Plan, financial assistance program, life & disability insurance, comprehensive leave policy (minimum 26 days/annum) and parental leave policy (50-100 days).


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