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The World Bank is currently seeking a Temporary Administration Office Support position. We encourage you to apply now and take advantage of this opportunity to join our team.


The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects.

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About the world bank

The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries for development projects. Here are some key points about the World Bank:

  1. Purpose: The World Bank’s primary goal is to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development. It provides loans, grants, and expertise to help countries implement development projects and policies that address various challenges, including poverty, infrastructure gaps, education, healthcare, climate change, and more.
  2. Structure: The World Bank consists of several institutions, including the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Each institution has a specific focus and mandate within the broader mission of the World Bank.
  3. Membership: The World Bank has 189 member countries, which are represented by their respective governments. The members provide financial capital to the World Bank and have a say in its policies and decisions through their voting power in the organization.
  4. Financing: The World Bank raises funds from various sources, including member country contributions, capital markets, and repayments from previous loans. It provides financial assistance to countries through loans, grants, and guarantees, with different terms and conditions depending on the specific institution and program.
  5. Focus Areas: The World Bank works in various sectors to support development projects and programs. These sectors include agriculture, education, health, infrastructure, energy, environment, finance, governance, and more. The Bank focuses on both social and economic development, with an emphasis on sustainability and inclusive growth.
  6. Technical Expertise: In addition to financial assistance, the World Bank provides technical expertise and knowledge to help countries design and implement effective development strategies. It conducts research, produces reports, and offers policy advice on a wide range of development topics to support evidence-based decision-making.
  7. Partnerships: The World Bank collaborates with governments, international organizations, civil society, academia, and the private sector to leverage resources and expertise for development. It works in partnership with various stakeholders to coordinate efforts, share knowledge, and promote effective development practices.
  8. Accountability and Evaluation: The World Bank has mechanisms in place to ensure transparency, accountability, and evaluation of its projects and programs. It has independent evaluation units that assess the effectiveness and impact of its work, and it has internal policies and safeguards to mitigate risks and promote responsible development practices.
  9. Global Reach: The World Bank operates in countries around the world, providing support and assistance to both low-income and middle-income countries. Its projects and programs span across regions and continents, addressing development challenges in diverse contexts.
  10. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The World Bank aligns its work with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which provide a framework for global development efforts. The Bank’s projects and programs contribute to the achievement of these goals, ranging from poverty eradication to climate action and gender equality.

Why work at the world bank

Working at the World Bank can be an attractive choice for individuals interested in international development and making a positive impact on global issues. Here are some reasons why people choose to work at the World Bank:

  1. Mission and Impact: The World Bank’s mission to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development resonates with individuals passionate about social and economic progress. Working at the World Bank allows employees to contribute to projects and initiatives that have the potential to transform lives, improve livelihoods, and drive positive change on a global scale.
  2. Global Exposure and Diversity: The World Bank operates in numerous countries and engages with a diverse range of stakeholders, including governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector. This provides employees with opportunities to work in multicultural environments, collaborate with experts from different fields and backgrounds, and gain exposure to a wide array of development challenges and solutions.
  3. Professional Growth and Learning: The World Bank places a strong emphasis on professional development and learning. Employees have access to a wealth of training programs, workshops, and knowledge-sharing platforms aimed at enhancing their skills, expanding their expertise, and keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in international development.
  4. Collaboration and Networking: Working at the World Bank allows individuals to collaborate with colleagues and partners from around the world. The Bank fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, providing opportunities to connect with professionals who share a common purpose and to build networks that can have long-term career benefits.
  5. Research and Innovation: The World Bank promotes evidence-based decision-making and invests in research and innovation. Employees have the chance to contribute to cutting-edge research, explore innovative approaches to development challenges, and shape policies and strategies that are grounded in rigorous analysis and evidence.
  6. Work-Life Balance and Benefits: The World Bank recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers competitive benefits and policies to support its employees. This includes flexible work arrangements, comprehensive healthcare coverage, generous leave policies, retirement plans, and support for personal and professional development.
  7. Prestige and Reputation: The World Bank is widely recognized as a leading international financial institution focused on development. Working at the World Bank can provide individuals with a sense of pride and prestige, as they become part of a globally respected organization that has a strong reputation for its work and impact.
  8. Challenging and Dynamic Work Environment: The World Bank operates in complex and rapidly changing development landscapes. This presents employees with intellectually stimulating and challenging work, as they tackle multifaceted issues, navigate diverse contexts, and find innovative solutions to pressing global problems.

Details on the post

Job #: req27489
Organization: World Bank
Sector: Administration/Office Support
Grade: ET2
Term Duration: 1 year 0 months
Recruitment Type: Local Recruitment
Location: Lima,Peru
Required Language(s): English, Spanish
Preferred Language(s):
Closing Date: 5/24/2024 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC

Role & Responsibilities:

Principal ETT responsibilities:
The ETT team assistant carries out the full range of office support work, including managing processes and monitoring schedules related to their team’s/unit’s products and tasks. They coordinate extensively with service units and liaise frequently with team members both at headquarters and in the field, as well as external counterparts. Team Assistants may also be assigned responsibility for some aspect of the unit’s administrative functions.

General Office Support:  

– Take accurate and comprehensive telephone messages, dispatch incoming correspondences, route internal and external queries on the assigned portfolio to the appropriate Bank officer, respond to routine telephone inquiries using knowledge of work program and staff schedules, and welcome visitors to the Bank’s office.
– Incorporate agreed comments into documents, making full use of shared drives and software capabilities.

– Use word processing or desktop publishing skills to produce complex text, reports, power point presentations, figures, graphs, etc., according to standard Bank formats and distribution.

– Ensure the timely dispatch of outgoing correspondences via e-mail and hardcopy, as necessary.

– Maintain an effective network of contacts with government officials, donors, civil society, academia, businesses, and other World Bank offices.

– Provide logistical support in the preparation and planning for various events including meetings, conferences, workshops, and project negotiations.

– Prepare, document, and distribute the contents of diplomatic pouch to and from Washington D.C. and other Bank locations.

– Track assigned task/project steps/timetables, coordinates with relevant staff and provides assistance and/or information on project-related matters.

– Maintain up-to-date work unit project and other files (both paper and electronic).

– Coordinate schedules taking priorities into account, monitors changes, and communicates the information to appropriate staff, inside and outside the immediate work unit, including officials outside the Bank Group.

– Solve non-routine problems (e.g., responds to requests requiring file search, etc.).

– Support preparation of standard system generated reports.

– Liaise and coordinate effectively with the country director’s front office as well as other members of the administrative team.

Operational Team Support

– Assist in planning and organizing operational travel as needed

– Assist in handling of consultant contracts as needed

– Assist operational teams with processing tasks in the operations portal

– Coordinate effectively with the team’s support team in Washington, DC

Visiting Missions Support:

– Provide logistical support for visiting missions including: transportation, organization of meetings, and catering requests.

– Coordinate all transportation arrangements for visiting missions, including arrangements for
              security escorts.
– In conjunction with and under guidance from staff in a specific discipline (i.e., Resource Management, etc.) monitor specific activities, (i.e., task budget, etc.) within teams or clusters.

– Perform and other duties that may be assigned.

Selection Criteria

* High School diploma completed, pursuing careers such as business, accounting, economics, communications, or other related areas.

* Minimum 3 years of relevant experience, 5+ preferred.

* Microsoft office tools knowledge (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

* Excellent speaking and written communication skills in English and Spanish.

* Good listening comprehension and fluency in English/Spanish are required.

* Letter of interest and CV written in English.

* Good interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Core competencies:

– Deliver Results for Clients: Proactively responds to and completes client requests.

– Lead and Innovate ‐ Identifies problems or obstacles.

– Collaborate Within Teams and Across Boundaries ‐ Contributes collaboratively to one’s own team.

– Create, Apply and Share Knowledge ‐ Shares knowledge appropriately Make Smart Decisions ‐ Recommends and takes crucial action.

– Make Smart Decisions ‐ Uses critical thinking to inform own decision-making.

Selection process and the timeline:

The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of race, gender, nationality, culture and educational background. Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. Interested candidates are requested to provide a written expression of interest in English and a CV. We will only contact shortlisted candidates for interviews and a writing assessment.


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