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Many people classify jobs into two broad categories: skilled and unskilled. While this is very broad, it gives an indication of the level of expertise and training one receives for each type of job.

What is an unskilled job?

Labour experts generally use the term “unskilled jobs” to refer to professional occupations that do not require a diploma or degree, certification or any specialized skills for entering into the job. Instead, the required skills are acquired and performed while doing the job itself. Many of these positions are in high demand mainly because they have high staff turnover. Unskilled jobs are also largely part-time and short-term, unlike trained or skilled jobs where contracts tend to be long-term.

Another description and characteristic of unskilled job is that you develop your skills through hands-on experience. This is unlike, for example, nursing where one had to gain a training or skill before being placed into a job. Every day, there are many unskilled jobs opening up in a variety of industries, particularly those related to hospitality, maintenance and retail.

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Highest paying unskilled jobs

According to a survey conducted by Indeed and other staffing and recruitment agencies, there has been a peak in the demand for unskilled jobs after the pandemic. There has also been a rise in the average pay unskilled workers earn per hour.

The following are some of the highest paying unskilled jobs in Canada, the US and much of the Western world.

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A server’s duties include taking orders from customers, offering meal suggestions based on their preferences, and communicating orders to kitchen and bartending staff. When the order is ready, the server delivers the food to the diners. Servers may help with food preparation, seating customers and taking payments. This job pays an average of over $12 per hour on cruise ships and leading hotels and resorts.

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Transport drivers who work for taxi or limousine companies and ridesharing companies are among the most paid unskilled workers. Apart from driving passengers and packages to designated destinations, transport drivers are also responsible for maintaining their cars clean, taking payments, loading and unloading luggage and answering questions about the local area. The job also involves map reading, weather interpretation and other considerations. This job pays an average of over $12 per hour.

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Personal care workers

These are people required to act as minders for children and infants, the sick or the elderly members of society. Personal care workers provide basic medical care and are also responsible for helping patients turn in their beds, exercise, bathing, feeding, obtaining specimens, inserting catheters and checking vital signs. This job earns over $14 dollars per hour in Western countries.

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Mail processor

A mail processor is employed to receive, sort and route mail. Traditionally, thie job was found in the post office, but vacancies are now found more at third-party shipping companies or in business mailrooms. The job also now entails the use and management of tracking software and other logs and logistics tools to record incoming and outgoing shipments. Mail processors earn an average of $14 per hour in Western countries.

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Sales representatives

Selling is a talent more than it is a skill, hence some of the best salespersons did not even get training for the job. Nowadays, sales representatives work face-to-face, over the phone or online. Selling goods and services to clients requires the use of communication and customer service skills, as well as a detailed understanding of their products or goods being sold.

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The ultimate goal is to help customers buy a product that matches their needs, at which point we claim there has been a conversion. Average hourly rate is $15 but overall earnings will be way more as most sales representatives earn a commission from sales conversions made.

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Administrative assistant

This is a job for those who are familiar with office equipment, like copiers, fax machines and telephones, and software suites such as Microsoft packages. The job entails writing reports, doing a research, maintaining filing systems, entering data into various software programs and distributing mail. The job arises at companies both small and large, and may often by short-term or seasonal. Average industrial wage rate tops $16 per hour.

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Claims adjuster

This is a job for those comfortable with numbers and a voluminous amount of paperwork. Working as a claims adjuster involves managing insurance claims that are filed by their clients. You are responsible for investigating the claims, interviewing witnesses, ensuring the claim is covered by the insurance policy, examining statements and photographs and evaluating damage costs. The job ultimately incolves issuing due payments and negotiating settlements with clients. Industrial wage rate tops $32 per hour.

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A receptionist is the face of an organisation, as visitors and guests interact with the receptionist first in most instances. Hence, the importance of this job to overall company brand and image is significant. Apart from directing visitors, receptionists also maintain files, schedule meetings, update calendars and perform related administrative tasks. Average industrial wage rate is $16 per hour in the West Unskilled.

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Janitors or cleaners

Here is a job that is in huge demand in any part of the world, any season of the year. A janitor is basically a cleaner.He or she i responsible for cleaning buildings such as schools, hotels, offices, hospitals, theatres, public parks, train and bus stations and libraries. They also mop floors, clean walls and windows and sanitize environs with chemicals. It is a job that has an hourly wage rate of just above $12 in the Western world.

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Farm workers

Working on a farm is not an easy job and requires a lot of physical fitness and good health. It can be a draining job, but nowadays most farm workers have modern machinery and equipment to make the job easier. Farm workers often till the land, plant crops, work with pesticides to manage fungi, weeds and insects. They feed, clean and inspect livestock, as well as clean their pens, administer medicines and mark them with brands or tags.

In many instances, the farm workers also harvest crops, prepare crops for storage, or package the harvest for markets or shipping. Most farm workers in the West do seasonal jobs are are paid much lower than the average unskilled worker. Rates can be as low as $11 per hour.

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