List Of Top 20 Companies In Australia That Offer Visa Sponsorship Jobs

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List of the top 20 companies in Australia that offer visa sponsorship jobs, Visa sponsorship is, for many people and international job seekers, the most realistic option for them to emigrate to Australia.

However, the process of getting visa sponsorship is demanding, but we simplify it in this article.

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What is visa sponsorship?

This is when your employer (or even a relative) offers to meet all legal and other requirements of your visa so that you can emigrate to Australia. In this article, we focus on companies that sponsor visa for foreigners who have offered job opportunities.

The Working Holiday Visa provides a great stepping stone to finding a sponsorship job in Australia. A Working Holiday Visa will give you 12 months to find (and work for) an employer who would be willing to sponsor you to remain in Australia either temporarily or permanently.

How to get Australian visa sponsorship?

For most people, the most challenging part of emigrating to Australia is finding an Australian employer willing to sponsor them. This process is made even more difficult, as many sponsored jobs are not even posted on job search websites or newspaper advertisements.

To start with, find an employer who wants to sponsor you, or who wants to recruit overseas workers. The employer must register to be a sponsor (or be already registered).

The employer must also nominate the position they wish to recruit for. We provide a list of some of the top 20 regular sponsors of visas in Australia further in this article.

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How do I find an employer to sponsor me in Australia?

This question is answered by the rest of this article. Find below the list of the top 20 companies that sponsor visas in Australia. We also point you to the companies’ career pages so that you can easily check available opportunities for you.

Note however that most of the jobs may not of course be visa sponsored. The idea is that you must first get a job in Australia, then negotiate for visa sponsorship with the hiring team.

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If the company really likes your skill set and level of training, they would go the extra step tp sponsor your visa to Australia.

  1. BHP Group

BHP, formerly known as BHP Billiton, is the trading company of BHP Group Limited and BHP Group plc, an Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals, and petroleum company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It is an Australian multinational mining, metals, natural gas petroleum public company that was founded on 16 July 1885 in the mining town of Silverton, New South Wales. They employ over 80,000 staff. Find visa-sponsored careers at

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2. Commonwealth Bank

 The Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd. (abbreviated CBA or CommBank) is an Australian financial services company based in Sydney. It is the largest bank in Australia and the 45th largest bank in the world in terms of assets under management. Visit for opportunities.

 3. Woolworths Group

Woolworths Group Limited is an Australian retail company headquartered in Bella Vista, Sydney, with extensive operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is the largest company in Australia by revenue and the second-largest in New Zealand. The page has job opportunities.

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4. Vodafone Hutchison Australia

TPG Telecom Limited, formerly Vodafone Hutchison Australia and renamed following the merger with TPG, is an Australian telecommunications company. It is the second-largest telecommunications company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The page is loaded with great job opportunities.

5. Yancoal

Yancoal Australia is a coal mining company operating mines in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

A dual-listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Yancoal is majority owned by Yankuang Energy Group Company Limited. Go to  and browse for opportunities that meet your skill set.

6. Aristocrat Leisure

Aristocrat Leisure Limited is a global gaming content and technology company and mobile games, publisher. Visit for great opportunities.

7. National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia in terms of market capitalization, earnings and customers.

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NAB was ranked the 21st-largest bank in the world measured by market capitalization and the 52nd-largest bank in the world as measured by total assets in 2019. The page has great job opportunities if you seek to emigrate to Australia.

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 8. Qantas Airlines

 Qantas Airways Limited is the flag carrier of Australia and the country’s largest airline by fleet size, international flights, and international destinations.

It is one of the world’s oldest airlines still in operation, having been founded in November 1920; it began international passenger flights in May 1935. Start your job search at

9.  BlueScope Steel

BlueScope Steel Limited is an Australian flat product steel producer that was spun off from BHP Billiton in 2002. Find great opportunities at and sew what’s best for your skill set.

10. Coles Group

Coles Group Limited is an Australian company operating several retail chains including the supermarket chain Coles, Coles Liquor, and Coles Express. This makes Coles Group the world’s 1029th most valuable company by market capitalization. You will find great job opportunities at

 10. South32

South32 is a mining and metals company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. It was spun out of BHP Billiton on 18 May 2015. It is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange with secondary listings on the Johannesburg and London Stock Exchanges.

Visit for opportunities that could see you move to Australia.

11. Bendigo and Adelaide Ban

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is an Australian financial institution, operating primarily in retail banking. The company was formed by the merger of Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank in November 2007. The page has great job opportunities.

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12. Woodside Energy

Woodside Energy Group Ltd is an Australian petroleum exploration and production company. Woodside is the operator of oil and gas production in Australia and also Australia’s largest independent dedicated oil and gas company.

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Woodside is a top 10 global independent energy company by hydrocarbon production. Find great job opportunities at

 12. Atlassian Software

Atlassian Corporation is an Australian software company that develops products for software developers, project managers and other software development teams.

The company is domiciled in Delaware, with global headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and US headquarters in San Francisco. Get a head start for your career by visiting


 Wesfarmers Limited is an Australian conglomerate, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. It has interests predominantly in Australia and New Zealand, operating in retail, chemical, fertiliser, industrial and safety products.  Visit for latest opportunities.

IDP Education

IDP Education Limited is an international education organisation offering student placement in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Republic of Ireland and Canada.

IDP has more than 100 offices in 31 countries and 550 counsellors. Find job vacancies at

 QBE Insurance

QBE Insurance Group is one of the world’s top 20 insurance and reinsurance companies, located in 37 countries.  It is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and has over 12,000 employees. Visit and find great job opportunities.


Suncorp Group Limited is an Australian finance, insurance, and banking corporation based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It has over 14 500 employees. Visit and find great job opportunities that include visa sponsorship.

The Bank of Queensland

The Bank of Queensland is an Australian retail bank with headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland. The bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in Queensland, having begun as a building society.

It now has 163 branches throughout Australia, including 53 corporate branches and 103 “owner managed” branches. Find job opportunities here:


Computershare Limited is an Australian stock transfer company that provides corporate trust, stock transfer, and employee share plan services in many countries. The page has great opportunities.

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