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Planning to move to the United Kingdom (UK)? Yes, then you should start thinking out of the ‘London’ box! This country is a land of contrasts. Right from the sweeping turquoise-colored bays of charming Cornwall to the rugged highlands of stunning Scotland; this country has something to match all tastes. For most people flying to the UK means living in London. But it is not the case guys! Some of the most appealing yet best places to live for immigrants lie outside this capital city.

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Living in London will surely open up a whole new ‘world’ for you but this country is more than that! Choosing other cities for a living is not only an affordable option but a chance for you to experience the unique charm of this country. Even though you can ask your UK immigration consultant about the places to live after migration, we have the following suggestions for the best places to live:

The best places to live and work in the UK

  1. Birmingham
  2. Glasgow
  3. Oxford
  4. Brighton
  5. Cardiff
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Manchester


It is the 2nd largest city in the UK that is always on the radar of several ex-pats relocating to the UK. Embedded in the industrial heritage of the city, this place is bustling with a multi-cultural mix of shopping, museums, and canal-side dining. Living here means you will get plenty of economical places to settle down, right from the leafy Harborne and Edgbaston to the scenic neighborhood of Bournville – home of Cadbury Chocolates. Since the city is in the heart of the UK, you will get easy access to places like Malvern Hills and Cannock Chase.

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The largest city in Scotland has re-invented itself over the last few decades. Previously, it was an overlooked industrial hub but today, it is one of the top ex-pat destinations in the UK. The buzzing ‘city center is crammed with several architectural gems showing the rich heritage of Glasgow, while the River Clyde just looks like the future. The city has a huge population of students, making it a great place to live with exciting spots for dining, shopping, partying, etc. Certain areas of this place like Queen’s Park are also known for affordability and spectacular views. So, you can choose one of such places to settle down.


For many centuries, the dreaming spires of this place have enthralled some of the greatest minds in the world. And all credit for this goes to the world’s most popular and high-ranked university – Oxford University. Even if it is a relatively small size city, this place is packed with the diversity of its vicinities. From the affluent streets of the Headington to the cozy cafes of Bohemian Jericho, this place simply exudes the surrounding of effortless English-ness.

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Stretched out on the South Coast of England, Brighton is an effervescent city that has something for everyone. This city is packed with countless things to do and see, from the graceful regency homes to the eclectic bohemian streets, you will always have something to explore while living in Brighton. The pier and beach are favorite spots for a family outing. If that is not enough, then this place is like a paradise for you if you are a football fan as the city has a Premier League Football Club. Thinking about affordable accommodation? Well! You can easily get some amazing options in the west with strong bus and train networks.


The capital city of Welsh, Cardiff is yet another city that is undergoing something of a reincarnation. In the last few years, it has emerged as one of the most preferred cities by immigrants for being affordable, easily accessible, with scenic views, and tourist spots. If you love outdoor activities, then the Brecon Beacons is the best point for you as it is available just a short drive in the north from Cardiff. Your UK immigration consultant could be the best person to get details about this place.

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Draped over a prehistoric volcano, Edinburgh is the cosmopolitan capital of Scotland. It centers around the well-known Edinburgh Castle and is perched high on the craggy outcrops in the city’s heart. This castle is surrounded by the Old Town and Georgian New Town. If you want to experience the different cultural colors of the UK, then this place is just perfect as you can enjoy two of the world’s most famous festivals – the Fringe Festival and the International Festival. Even though living in the New Town can be a little expensive, some affordable options are also there that include Bruntsfield and Marchmont.


The ‘Self-Styled’ and the ‘Capital of the North, this city owns a personality that you cannot ignore. Famous for its world-beating football teams, industrial background, musical heritage, and natural beauty, it is every inch of the world city. Manchester can be better described as a non-stop mix of new and old, right from the Victoria Town Hall to Salford Quays’ shimmering waterfronts; this is a perfect place to set up your roots at. You will get a combination of affordable and expensive places to live in Manchester.

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Summing Up!

Well! These are just a few places but when you search or ask your UK immigration consultant about the top places to live in the UK, then the list will become endless. All you need to do is, just compare your budget with the possible living cost of the city to have the most memorable time in such a vivacious and exhilarating country – the UK.

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