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TotalEnergies is hiring for multiple job opportunities in various locations, including internships. APPLY NOW x50 Job Openings are available for June 2024

TotalEnergies is hiring for multiple job opportunities in various locations, including internships. APPLY NOW x50 Job openings are available for June 2024

TotalEnergies, a leading global integrated energy company, offers a wide array of career opportunities across its operations in oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables, and electricity. With over 100,000 employees working in more than 130 countries, TotalEnergies is committed to providing reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions worldwide. This post delves into the recruitment process, open job positions, and how to apply online for these opportunities.


Career opportunities at TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies’ commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in its diverse range of job openings. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, the company offers opportunities in:

  • Exploration & Production: Geologists, Geophysicists, Petroleum Engineers, Drilling Engineers, and Production Engineers are essential to the company’s core business.
  • Renewables: With a growing focus on renewable energy sources, TotalEnergies seeks experts in solar, wind, and other renewable technologies.
  • Engineering & Construction: Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Project Managers are crucial for developing and maintaining energy infrastructure.
  • Finance & Accounting: Financial analysts, accountants, and auditors play a vital role in managing the company’s financial operations.
  • Marketing & Sales: Marketing specialists, sales representatives, and business development professionals contribute to the company’s commercial success.
  • Information Technology: Software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts are essential for supporting the company’s digital transformation.
  • Human Resources: HR professionals are responsible for talent acquisition, employee development, and organizational culture.

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Why would you choose to work for TotalEnergies?

Here are some key reasons why someone might choose to work for TotalEnergies:

  1. Diversified Energy Portfolio:
    • TotalEnergies is a major global energy company that has a diverse portfolio spanning oil, gas, solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources.
    • This provides employees with exposure to a wide range of energy technologies and the ability to contribute to the company’s transition towards a more sustainable energy mix.
  2. Commitment to Sustainability:
    • TotalEnergies has made significant commitments to reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning towards net-zero emissions, aligning with global climate goals.
    • Employees can be part of this transformation and contribute to the development of innovative energy solutions.
  3. Technological Innovation:
    • As a leading energy company, TotalEnergies invests heavily in research and development, fostering a culture of innovation and technological advancement.
    • Employees have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and be at the forefront of the energy industry.
  4. Global Presence and Opportunities:
    • TotalEnergies operates in over 130 countries, providing employees with the chance to work in diverse cultural and geographical settings.
    • The company’s global reach offers mobility and career development opportunities across different regions and business units.
  5. Competitive Compensation and Benefits:
    • TotalEnergies offers competitive salaries, bonuses, and a comprehensive benefits package, including retirement plans, health insurance, and professional development support.
    • The company also places a strong emphasis on work-life balance and employee well-being.
  6. Ethical and Responsible Practices:
    • TotalEnergies is known for its commitment to ethical business practices, sustainability, and social responsibility.
    • Employees can take pride in being part of an organization that prioritizes environmental and social impact.
  7. Career Advancement and Training:
    • TotalEnergies invests heavily in the professional development of its employees, providing access to training programs, mentorship, and opportunities for career progression.
    • The company encourages internal mobility and supports employees in expanding their skills and expertise.
  8. Collaborative and Inclusive Culture:
    • TotalEnergies fosters a collaborative work environment where employees are encouraged to share ideas, work cross-functionally, and contribute to the company’s success.
    • The organization values diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating an inclusive workplace culture.


Application process

TotalEnergies offers a user-friendly online application process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1.Visit the TotalEnergies Careers Website: Start your journey by visiting the official TotalEnergies Careers website. This platform provides a comprehensive overview of available job openings, company culture, and employee benefits.

2.Search for Open Positions: Use the website’s search function to filter jobs by location, department, and keywords. You can also browse through specific job categories to find opportunities that align with your skills and interests.

3.Create an Account: Register for a free account on the TotalEnergies Careers website. This allows you to save your job searches, apply for positions, and track your application status.

4.Submit Your Application: Once you’ve found a suitable job opening, carefully review the job description and submit your application. Fill in the required information, upload your resume and supporting documents, and submit your application.

5.Prepare for Interviews: If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview. Prepare for the interview by researching the company, practicing your answers to common interview questions, and showcasing your relevant skills and experience.


Overall, the combination of a diversified energy portfolio, commitment to sustainability, global opportunities, competitive compensation, and a strong emphasis on professional development and ethical practices make TotalEnergies an attractive employer for individuals seeking a fulfilling and impactful career in the energy industry.

To explore open jobs at TotalEnergies, visit their official career website 



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