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University of Dayton UD Undergraduate International Scholarships to study in the US 2022

UD Undergraduate International Scholarships

The University of Dayton is committed to transparency and affordability. Why? We want you to have peace of mind when it comes to cost, so you are positioned for a successful future.

To help you plan ahead, we have an innovative approach as you plan for anticipated expenses associated with your education.

  • YOUR TUITION DOES NOT INCREASEMerit scholarships you have received from the University of Dayton will increase each year to match any increases in the annual tuition. Therefore, you pay the same tuition amount each year (up to four years) for your education!
  • NO FEES. Many universities charge additional fees for labs, orientation, recreation, and more. UD does not charge any fees. This means that you are only billed for your tuition, housing, and a meal plan. If you live in a non-UD owned residence, you are only billed for tuition!
  • TEXTBOOK SCHOLARSHIP. Students who visit campus or schedule a video chat with one of our admission counselors can receive our textbook scholarship worth $500 per semester (up to $4,000 total over four years). Please review the Visit and Events page for the options available to schedule a virtual visit. (Students applying through the UDayton Global application are ineligible).
  • COST OUTLOOK. Most universities will only tell you what the first year of your education will cost.  UD provides each accepted undergraduate student with a personalized overview of the cost of tuition and scholarship awards for up to four years of attendance. Once accepted to UD, login to your Admission Account and click on the “Financial Aid” tab to access your cost outlook document

UD Merit Scholarships

UD Undergraduate International Scholarships

UD is proud to offer merit scholarships based on your academic qualifications. The majority of UD international undergraduate students receive an international merit scholarship upon acceptance

Currently, international merit scholarships are worth up to $30,000 per year towards tuition costs. We do not offer fully-funded scholarships. All students are automatically considered for a merit scholarship when we receive your application and required documents.

We encourage you to review details on the application process, and most importantly the links to several free online applications, one of which the University of Dayton’s application. 

#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship

As a Catholic, Marianist university, the University of Dayton was founded on the cornerstone of community. We are proud to welcome students from around the world through the UD Undergraduate International Scholarships — and in our inclusive learning environment, you’ll find a family spirit that nurtures and respects the unique gifts of each member of the campus community.

To celebrate and support our international scholars, the University of Dayton is now offering #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarships. These UD Undergraduate International scholarships are offered in partnership with the #YouAreWelcomeHere social media campaign  that encourages international students to study in the United States.

UD Undergraduate International Scholarships
University of Dayton UD Undergraduate International Scholarships to study in the US 2022 3
  • Two scholarships will be awarded in the UD Undergraduate International Scholarships
  • Each scholarship covers at least half of the recipient’s annual tuition and will be awarded in place of any other admission scholarship.
  • The award is renewable each year.
  • All first year international students are encouraged to apply; whether you are currently attending a U.S. high school or attending high school in your home country.

To be considered for the UD Undergraduate International Scholarships scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a first-year international applicant to a participating college or university. An international applicant is an individual who holds citizenship in a country outside the United States and who does not also possess U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.
  • You demonstrate interest and personal initiative in activities involving intercultural learning and exchange.
  • You have completed the scholarship application and a 500-1,000 word essay or a 2-5 minute video describing your aspirations to conduct projects, research, employment or other experiences that will advance intercultural learning.  
  • In addition, you must apply to UD to be considered for the scholarship, and if you are admitted, you must confirm your enrollment to claim the scholarship.
  • The application for consideration for the 2021-2022 academic year has passed.  We will provide a link to the application for the 2022-2023 academic year when this becomes available. 

UD Undergraduate International Scholarships |Undergraduate Costs

All University of Dayton students are charged the same tuition, housing, and meal plan rates.

Current Full Year Costs

  • Tuition: $44,890 (fall and spring semesters)
  • Living Expenses: $15,945 (includes UD housing and meal plan for 12 months)
  • Estimated Miscellaneous Expenses: $4,750 (estimated for 12 months) 

The amount you are responsible for paying will vary after any scholarships you receive are applied to your tuition costs. 

Please note that the “Estimated Miscellaneous Expenses” are not billed by UD. These anticipated additional expenses include mandatory health insurance, transportation, books etc. for 12 months. 

Please review the additional information indicating how to obtain your visa.  This includes the documents you are required to provide to our office to prepare your immigration documents.

UD Sinclair Academy

Looking for another affordable way to earn a UD education? The UD Sinclair Academy provides students with opportunities and experiences through our partnership with Sinclair Community College, located just minutes away from UD in Dayton.  Students begin their first two years of study at Sinclair before coming to UD to finish their last two years of study and earn a Bachelor’s degree. Please review the many benefits the UD Sinclair Academy program has to offer.

Additional Resources

UD Payment PlanOur payment plan allows students and their families to make monthly payments on university billed expenses. This plan is designed to help you in budgeting for your educational costs. Please visit our webpage for more information on the University of Dayton’s Payment Plan

Student Employment opportunities: All University of Dayton students may apply for employment opportunities on campus. Positions are available in many departments and the hourly rate is based on experience and job description. Additional information regarding our student employment program can be located on their website.

EducationUSA:  EducationUSA is a U.S. State Department network of over 430 international student advising centers in more than 175 countries and territories. EducationUSA provides a variety of resources for international students pursuing higher education in the United States, including the admissions process, finances, the student visa process, and living in the U.S.  Please visit to locate the nearest advising center.

Organization of American StatesStudents living in a member country of the Organization of American States may be eligible for interest-free loans up to $15,000 USD towards the cost of their U.S. higher education. The Organization of American States includes many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Please visit to verify your country is a member and to learn more about the loan opportunity.

Student Loans Student loans should be considered as a last resort after all other financial assistance opportunities have been explored. This option may help bridge the gap between the cost of your education after any scholarship awards have been received and what you and your family are able to pay towards the remaining cost.  You must apply for loans from financial institutions in your home country.

Summer Scholarships:
MPOWER will be awarding $8,000 USD this summer to support 12 international students in funding their educational dreams. On the first day of every month this summer, head to MPOWER’s website to find out the scholarship theme for that month. Applications will be open until the last Friday of the month.



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